Need VS Greed

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This article is based on one flaw we all have and that is GREED. But most of the time are the things we long for, what we really need?

Submitted: February 01, 2012

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Submitted: February 01, 2012





Need vs Greed


Everyday you hear a different story. Countries breaking alliances, people blowing themselves up, priests who turn out not to be such a good Christian after all.

Imperfection we’re all susceptible to it. Well some of us more then others.


We want this, we want that. But how many of us actually work hard  to get what we want? But most of the time is it what we need? Or are you just really pissed that your neighbor has a bigger pool than you or your friend has the latest mobile phones. You name it. We have all been there.

We always want something more, its ok, that’s what makes us human.

Its ok for us who work our ass off to get there and say “ Hey, I worked damn hard for this” , but correct me if I am wrong, some of us just love to sit on our asses and get other people to do all the dirty work.

We are not perfect, shit some people try to be. But what do you get in return, icy stares from your once so called “ friends”,  plastic surgeries gone wrong,  you name it.

Money can drive you crazy!!!

Some people have it all. Good for them. Some wish they had it all. Good luck with that.

How much is more????

More money

More fame

More women/men

Why not share some of that money with poorer communities. Make their homes a little more comforting, a little more safe, a little more than what it already is.

Do not do charity just for public image, do not go to these places only during election, do it because you want to make a difference, do it because you care.

India’s great leader Mohandas Ghandi once said “ There is enough on earth for everybody, but not enough for everybody’s greed”

Life is not easy, there are challenges. People will hate you, talk behind your back, steal from you, boohoo it’s not the end of the world.

There’s this saying, “love your enermies, they are your biggest fan.”

But if you have got more haters than people who actually love you, then you seriously have to change that. If its 50/50 than that’s better, if you have more people who like you, than those who hate you, then congratulations.

We all care about what people think of us.

For us girls, we are always concerned about what the cute guys think of us, we buy beautiful dresses, make up and all just to impress them.  Bravo for guys who know how to treat a girl. Hello, seriously? For those who want to have sex half way through a first date. Are we that cheap?? So just be who you are, get to know the guy first, if you have to get dressed up just to impress his parents, when all you want to do is wear a simple dress. Then why are you going in the first place. It is important for the parents to like you, but not to the extent that you have to hide who you truly are.

And guys, does beauty (physical) have to be an issue. Yeah, yeah, so her boobs look like Pamela Anderson’s (no offence) so what? And you act all proud when your friends see you with her, when really you are dying to ask the less than perfect girl who sits next to you in class.

I am just saying, be who you are, not what others want us to be.

If you have rich parents who are always telling you that you have to be like them, continue with the family business, when all you really want to be is a teacher, it’s your life be what you want to be.

If you have a partner that says you do not have to work,  while you know you can make it as an excellent doctor, then tell him this “ Honey I know you love me and I love you too, but what if I can find a cure for killer diseases? I might even save your life one day.”

If you have people always telling you that you are never going to make it in life, then simply look the other way, but not before laughing at them and telling them to kiss your butt.

In other words, life is too damn short, make the most of the opportunities given to us.


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