The Fuel Of My Soul

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Nature is good for the soul!


I put away my phone

Don’t want to be disturbed, just want to be alone

I walk to my favorite place

I take my time, I slowly pace


I whistle the tune of my favorite song

Amongst the wonders of nature is where I belong

The sunny sky, the invisible smile

Im going to my favorite place, even if it’s only for a while


Im almost there, I cannot wait

To get to the river, where it’s always great

I meet a few birds here and there

I see flowers blooming everywhere


Im finally here at my secret place

Oh time oh time, please do not race

Oh beautiful river clear as crystal

Wondrous as you are, you deserve a medal


I lay there all my worries forgotten

The pressure is sucked out of me, I feel myself soften

You are the fuel of my soul

Without you, Im not whole 





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