Define My Love..

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Its about me and my love.The various stages of my life,where definations,of love kept on changing and at the end it disappeared.I could'nt find her,she is lost.Itz about,the strange feeling of love,i had gone through from childhood uptill now..

Walking up,the stairs,I was worried not for my report card but for the fact that this was the last time I would be able to look at her.Even though I am just in 4th grade,I could feel,the breeze of love,and equivalently the pain of loosing her.As my father collects my report card,he will put me in a new school,where i could never find her.Am inside,the class now,i could see her,she is just standing beside my class teacher,together with her parents.She has no idea,that we could never see each other again.Like always its a sweet smile for me,which i am trying to capture,in my eyes,in my heart.She too gets a little worried,after looking at my tears dropping slowly down my eyes.Holding my hand,father,brings me home. I am missing you,but how would you know that.But,somewhere,I am happy that atleast I was able to take you,to the canteen,and whisper 'I Love you' in your ears,in the absence of everyone.For us love was nothing but fighting with each other,having endless arguments,and finally when class ends sitting together,in the school bus,amusing the people on the road by making funniest faces.In my first stage of life,love had the defination of just playing with her in the classroom,playground and school bus. My second defination of love- When I entered my new school,I was in 5th grade.New school was huge,it had one of largest well equipped classrooms,playgrounds,tall buildings etc.But it hardly matter because she wasnt there.Everyday i was worrid,she must be so alone,will she be able to bear the pain.Love was pain for me and her.At this stage of my life,love had the defination of unforgettable memories,which brought nothing more than tears.Its been five years of bearing the immense pain in my heart but somewhere even the faith of meeting her again in life,existed deep beneath me. My third defination of love- After passing my tenth grade with distinction,I was into a new college.I could feel why college life is so enjoying on the first day itself.Was able to see,the sunlight entering through the door,but suddenly everything came to a halt,was she my love walking inside the classroom.I am shocked,she is more beautiful then I could ever imagine.My eyes were stunned,my wish had come true.But its been more than 5 years will she recognise me,was a question.With scared feeling,I approached her and succeeded in having a normal conversation,but I soon realised,she has forgotten everything.I was shocked to see,the next day,she was with a boy,walking hand in hand,getting a cozy more than as expected in public. I was shattered,broken into pieces,what was happening with my life?God cant do this to me.She forgot everything,At this stage of my life,love had the defination of getting betrayed.I decided to start from the beginning,i would make her realise,the correct defination of love.The next day,when she entered the classroom,I went and asked her if she would be my friend and she agreed,but as I said my name,she went into the past i felt,somewhere something clicked in her mind,and suddenly she came out of all that,and said we will be friends,for sure.Slowly we actually became good friends and then best friends.As our friendship grew she asked me was i the same person whom she loved when we were small.And my answer was ,\"No!I have never met you before\".She smiled and said i was the kind of friend she always wanted. Love at this stage had the defination of friendship. My current defination of love- 2 years have passed,she knows me better than anyone else in this world,and slowly by knowing me,she has again fallen in love with me.But i have made it so complicated that the defination of love has now ended up as a lie. I had to lie that I am not the same guy she loved in childhood,because i never wished to change her state of mind,her independent behaviour,her relationships,i wanted her to again fall in love with me if she wishes!But somewhere i have a guilty feeling is this love?can someone in love,answer me,is this love?is lie, love?Thank you for reading!

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