Medicare and Me The Journey

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this is story is true and still going on please i need help my story needs to be told i am currently in appeals level with medicare thank you

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012




Hello everyone my name is Debbie and i own a medical equipment company named

Helping Hands Medical Equipment I considered my company to be one of the best companies in south Florida i actually won a bid with Medicare to provide equipment see i help the elderly and disabled. In Dec. 2009 Medicare decided not to pay suppliers my story is one that should be put into a bestseller format well here goes.... Dec 31 2009 I received a letter that said that stated  Medicare was putting companies on what is called an edit due to the fraud that was running wild in Florida I must say i did not blame them however, this is where my nightmare began..........OMG after reading my letter i called to see what the letter represented and they told me they would get back to me so i waited and waited finally after a week went by i called and was told that Medicare is going to review my claims before paying me well i never heard from them until I called again and asked what was going on they said Debbie we are back logged now remember i have now not been paid for a month and the woman from safeguard services stated to me she was sorry and would put my company as a priority to review any claims i sent in, also note that before i can bill for a claim I must!!!!!! provide customers with very expensive medical equipment well I never heard anything again i waited another month to see why i have not heard from them or why I have not received any monies and quote on quote when I said i need to know what’s going on mind you i have a staffing of ten people venders i owe rent insurances etc. so i had stated to Ms Soto (safeguard services employee) I am not sure if you have children or a husband but I know the people that work with me do and they rely on me to pay them after a hard week of work and i cannot do that until i am paid and i also stated the mounting bills that are staring at me on my desk and her reply was as followed your personal business is not my problem and she hung up on me I waited two months for that and in an instant it was over i was left with my mouth hanging open and i started crying out of control what am i going to do now no money no answers what now???????????? i had to let go my staff yet Medicare requires that you have a service person and delivery you cannot have a one man operation because if you close your doors and do a delivery or service and they stop by for a surprise visit and no one is there you will lose your supplier number this is a nightmare well all it really gets worse after this i called and called and called to try and get answers as to why this was happening to me. i want you all to know i just found out why and what May 26th 2012 this is crazy. i was so desperate i actually went to this safeguard company which is located quite close to where i live and my store and tried to see if i could get an answer from someone since i did not get anywhere over the telephone, long of the short i approached the door and it was locked up like Fort Knox and i understand why the people behind the door just do not care about human beings that is for sure i explained who i was thru a intercom system and they sent out two women i begged them to please help me and explain why i am not getting paid something i actually got on my hands and knees crying and begging because i did not want to lose my company i love helping the elderly and disabled since i was a caregiver for both of my parents my mother passed when she was just 46 from colon cancer and i took care of her until the end i worked as well and my father had lung cancer and i cared for him as well he passed at age 72 and i also had my company to run needless to say they said to me we will see what we can do like i said i did not hear anything until May of 2012 from Dec 2009 i have lost almost everything trying to hang on until i got an answer my phones are off in my store i am getting evicted from my office space and i have pawned every piece of jewelry i have lawsuits and the list goes on i have been in a severe state of depression from all this what is amazing is that i had to pay 25,000.00 to be an accredited firm so i would not have to go through this so many businesses have closed down that were just little mom and pop stores they have lost but you see i am a fighter and i was raised with the principles that if you know you are right do not back down I have gone now to the highest appeals in Washington to fight for my company I don’t want to lose it please if anyone that reads this can help me god bless i am struggling and getting evicted my phones are off in my store electric etc. i am looking for help i am a single business owner that works with good morals and i have done so much for the community please i need help i have more to say about this but this is just in short i am a broken soul please i am hoping this short story finds its righful place.

me email address is

Thank you for reading some of my story i have much much more.

Debbie Leyva



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