Glee the Next generation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
continued on the first part

Submitted: August 22, 2015

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Submitted: August 22, 2015



At William McKinley High School around Dismissal

Lilly: (Walking up to Jonah at his locker) hey did you hear Glee Club is cancelled today?

Jonah: (grabbing books from his locker) Why?

Lilly: Oh Mr. Evans apparently ate some bad clams at a seafood truck

Jonah: Why would he do that? (Closing his locker)

Lilly: I don't know he's Mr. Evans, he does wierd impressions and coaches a high school glee club for a living

Jonah: you're right, so I guess we're walkig home then

Lilly: Actually, I'm going to the mall with Jordan and Heather

Jonah: Why you both hate Heather

Lilly: Yeah, but she promises that if we hang out with her for a month, guys will be begging to take us on a date

Jonah: (mumbling) I wish a guy would take me on a date

Lilly: What?

Jonah: Nothing

Lilly: You know you have been talking to yourself a lot lately, you should see someone about that really

Jonah: I have not been talking to myself (thinking to himself, while Lilly talks) Oh God, she's been hearing me talk to myself, Does she know about me...huh, she's not gonna out me to our Dad's is she, if she does she is so not my sister, huh what if she's not, I always knew she wasn't my sister, I mean it makes perfect sense Dad's have me biologically, and then adopt a nother kid, they feel bad for her and then say we're twins, I never trusted them.

Lilly: JONAH

Jonah: WHaat?

Lilly: You totally zoned out, anyway I wanted you to tell Dad that I'm at the mall with Jordan and Heather and I'll be back when I feel like it

Jonah: And when they demand a time?

Lilly: 6 (walking away)

Jonah: see you later sis, or so I think (turning to fins Caitlyn staring angrily)

Jonah: (in fright) Gosh, you scared me

Caitlyn: Oh did I, I didn't know my appearance was that frightening

Jonah: No that's not what I meant

Caitlyn: Well it's what I meant and I'm mad at you, 

Jonah: Again I am not coming out about it for all I know it could be nothing

Caitlyn: Okay well let's try this what are gonna do when I call you a...Man

Jonah: (cringes) ah you know I hate that word

Caitlyn: Yeah you wanna know why, because you don't think your a man, now does that sound like nothing?

Jonah: Yes, I don't like the word man when it's used towards me, and yes I don't like unskinny jeans, cause God knows they made your butt look like a soggy apple (Caitlyn looks toward her butt) and Yes, I would sometimes like to be little spoon, but that doesn't mean I want to turn my penis inside out to give it the shape and feel of a vagina.

Ciatlyn: IS that seriously what they do?

Jonah: ugh (rolling his eyes and turning to walk away)

Caitlyn: Okay well, tell them you're gay or bye tell them you're something, can't you see this is putting a wall up against you and your dads, o...okay it's like the berlin wall, it divided a whole city no one was aloud to talk to anyone on the other side, people were nasty, and then one day like Miley Cyrus so generously demonstrated in her music video "wrecking ball", they took a sledge hammer to it and everyone was happy and peace was made and, when I learned the story in history class I personally imagined unicorns there but the after I learned unicrons aren't real which really put a damper on that history lesson, I don't care I still think there was unicorns there


Caitlyn: The point is when you tell them whats wrong it will feel good and bring you closer together

Jonah: Well how am I supposed to tell them what I am when I don't even know myself

Caitlyn: Okay well if you don't tell them I will

Jonah; You woulnd't dare

Caitlyn: Oh yeah just try me

Jonah: You don't even know my dad's numbers,

Caitlyn: our parents are best friends, and I don't have to call them for something to accidentally slip out of me to my mom, when we have our evening tea, knowing the bubnly and flighty me a secet of anyones is just dying to come out like how my mom's planning your dad's surprise party with a Whitney Houston theme

Jonah: Awe he does love Whitney Houston

Caitlyn: I know who doesn't

Jonah: Okay fine I'll tell them when I get home

Caitlyn: And I expect a full update promptly at 7:30 right before evening tea (walking away)

Jonah: Yeah you're a terrible best friend


Jonah: BECAUSE I DO A BADASS JOB AT HIDING IT, (mumbling) At least I think, Dangit Lilly's right I'm talking to myself, maybe she is my sister

Back at the Anderson home, Jonah walks in

Jonah; Hi Dad

Kurt: sitting on the couch, Oh hi Jonah, I was just reading this new book, "Trannys and their sins"

Jonah: What? (asking in fear)

Kurt: "The Book Thief"

Jonah: Oh (realiing he had heard wrong)

Jonah sits down on the couch with his dad

Jonah: Dad, can I tell you something?

Kurt: Sure as long as it doesn't have anything to do with you "being like a drag queen"

Jonah: What? 

Kurt: I said sure as long as you didn't murder someone

Jonah: Oh realizing he had heard wrong

Kurt: Soo whats up?

Jonah: Oh... well you know I'm transgender

Kurt: Oh really, and why didn't you tell me this before?

Jonah: Well

Kurt: (getting up from the couch and pacing) we could have had you cured, we could have made an ancient potion, oh well it's too late now, sacrifice will do

Jonah: Sacrifice?

Kurt: Ugh where is the holy water (walking towards a cabinet)

Jonah: Huh?

Kurt: (grabbing holy water and spritzing it on Jonah, while yelling) DEVIL CHILD...DEVIL CHILD...DEVIL CHILD , (holding a crucifix over Jonah)

Kurt: Jonah? (trying to snap Jonah back to reality)

Jonah: (realizing it had been his imagination), Uhm, I've been really confused about who I am, lately, and it's not liek I want to start wearing girls clothes, or having you and Dad call me she, but I just don't like the word man when it's used towards me and I kind of hate when I'm on the boy's team in gym class or in glee club even sometimes


Jonah: What do you hae to say about that?

Kurt: I've known

Jonah: Come again

Kurt: I've known since you were six and you kept asking when the lady fairy would come and make you a girl

Jonah: (to himself) Shit, Caitlyn was right

Kurt: What,

Jonah: You know you've been talking to yourself lately and I thinky ou should see someone, try talking to Ms. Pillsbury, and by the way don't really care, I mean you're still my child, and I'm really happy that you could tell me something like this

Jonah: Oh, well thank Caitlyn she made me tell you

Kurt: God that girl is soo much like her mother in ways I cannot speak

Jonah: wait so does this mean Daddy Blaine knows to because I am telling you I thought I was hiding it pretty well, and

Kurt: actually he doesn't know

Jonah: What?

Yeah I made an appointment for you to see someone when you were six but then we movied back to Lima and I got lazy and neglected to tell him, sorry

Kurt: You're gonna have to come out again to him

Jonah: Fine, I'll do it, when I'm not lazy (sitting back to read a cookbook)

Kurt: Well you'll have plenty of time to tell him, because it' just you and him for dinner tonight (getting up from the couch)

Jonah: but why?

Kurt: Well rachel called and they think that Barbara Streishand is gonna be at the Taco Bell tonight, so me and your sister are going to prove her wrong

Jonah: Fine I'll tell him over a nice dinner that I'll make if I'm not lazy

Kurt: And I expect a full update by 8:15 right before the suggested time 8:20

Jonah: You're just like Caitlyn

Kurt: Yes, except I have the powere to ground you if you don't give me an update

Later that nightBlaine walks into the kitchen while Jonah is sitting at the counter, stuffing his shirt with a paper towel, to try and make fake boobs

Blaine: Hi Jonah, what you doing?

Jonah: Uhm, oh what nothing (removing the paper towel from his shirt), uh just uhm wiping the counter, 

Blaine: (staring blankly) oh

Jonah: Yeah, Ms Plssbury said it's really important to scrub the counter with a dry paper towel just to get the germs off the counter

Blaine: Well that does sound like something she'd say, anyway what do you want to do for dinner?

Jonah: (to himself) Damn I was supposed to make that

Blaine: What?

Jonah: Nothing

Blaine: You know you've been talking to yourself a lot and I really thingk you should see someone about that

Jonah: (to himself) Has everyone noticed that, Dangit. (aloud) anyway Dad, I need to tell you something

Blaine: okay, wait is it a surprise

Jonah: Oh it will be a surprise alright

Blaine: okay what is it?

Jonah: Well, we don't have any holy water do we

Blaine: What?

Jonah: Nothing anyway

Blaine: wait don't tell me you wanna start wearing bowties, you know I thought this day was coming I have been looking forward to this day since you had to statrt shaving

Jonah: Wait what?

Blaine: it is not everyday when a son turns out like his father, so  what kind do ou want, plaid, plain, you know what there are soo many to choose from, just let me get the catalog

Jonah: Dad I don't want to wear bowties, honestly they make you look like a toy soldier, I wanted to tell you, that I've been going through something laetly, something where I don't like certain pronouns used towards me

Blaine: such as?

Jonah: Well alot, he, and boy and son, and dude, 

Blaine: (staring blankly) oh

Jonah: please don't stop loving me, I mean nevermind I wont mention this again you can call me whatever you want, son, he, boy, stupidhead for all I care, I mean you're so awesome and I'm so conceited asking you to do this after all you left my favorite cooky in my lunch which I think is so sweet, not most Dad's do that and

Blaine: JONAH, (grabbing Jonah and hugging Jonah tightly), I will always love you, weather you're my son or whatever yo want to be 

Jonah: Really? (in an awkward thankful mousy voice)

Blaine: And to be honest I kind of knew, since you statred answering the phone and I thought it was your father

Jonah: Oh we don't sound that alike

Blaine: Well anyway, I'm proud that you could tell me something like this

Jonah: well

Blaine: to be honest It was kind of hard to handle when I first got that feeling, I mean you were my little boyan all I still see is my little boy that I would have to calm after he had a nightmare about chocolate eating you.

Jonah: well they were very scary choolates

Blaine: Anyway I'm always gonna love you, rguardless of who you are, 

Jonah: Thanks Dad

Blaine: and I promised your Dad I'd watch this movie "Boys Don't Cry" with you so I guess this is what that was for

Jonah: Oh God

Blaine: And I also have to give you the sex talk

Jonah: No you don't?

Blaine: Yes I do

Jonah: No, lalalalalalala

Blaine: it will be over soon, (dragging Jonah over to the table)















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