The Invasion

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Story of how a invasion some were driven away from their homeland...!!!

Submitted: April 03, 2014

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Submitted: April 03, 2014



They started it many sunsets ago. First they came riding big animals...beasts the likes of which we have never seen before. Those animals were huge and angry...they roar whenever they walk or run…most of the time they run. And those animals were always angry, always spewing black mist...strangely from the top of their head. Those animals are always angry because they always have a huge load on their back.

They first invaded our land, uprooted our homes and demolished our houses. Few brave ones tried to defend their homes but died by the hands of invaders. Rest of us accepted defeat and decided that to hide from them was the best we can do.  They had a little resemblance to some being from our homeland but only a little...!!! When they came, I and others like me were happy as they killed many of our eternal enemies.  But our happiness was short lived...soon they started killing us as well.  What they do after killing us...we didn't know at first as they always carried the deads away. However soon we found that they eat us and sometimes they skin us and throw away the body for scavengers to feast on.

They started to build a pile of stones and mud. Every day their beasts carried more and more stones and mud to add to that ever growing pile...the pile which grew into a hillock and then to a mountain. That mountain had quite a peculiar shape...none of us have seen such a mountain before.  It was not a big mountain and it has trees on top. Tall trees but strangely without any branches or leaves. They also must have created paths beneath that mountain...we saw them going in and out of that mountain.  They didn't seem to be much strong physically; some of us tried to retaliate and were even successful in killing few of those.  The anger made some of us to even devour them...their meat was tasty I have heard.  But all this made them alert….they stopped coming in alone.  We also realized that the ones we killed were the weakest and physically deformed.  The ones we killed have neither that shining, long and sharp claw nor the arm which can kill just by making a loud noise.

That day was probably something special for them.  They were gathered in large numbers around their mountain.  I watched them from atop a large rock...suddenly there was a loud rumbling noise from inside the mountain.  I was afraid and probably all the others were afraid too.  Soon black clouds started to form on top of the mountain trees and began to spread and rise up the sky. Our elders have told us that one day the mountains will roar and will spit fire and smoke and will burn down everything.  It looked like that the day elders warned us of is here.  We kept waiting but there was no fire.  The mountain kept rumbling and roaring but there was only smoke and no fire. But it was not the end...they kept coming on their beasts and more mountains came up.  The invasion of our land never stopped...they kept occupying our homeland and we were helpless. We are now being hunted in our own homeland...very few of us are now left.  We tried to go to safer places but they put up strangely strong vines with big and sharp thorns and if we tried to cross it they use that loud sound to kill us.  Many sunsets ago we had clear and fragrant air...we had clear water flowing in our river...our homeland was full of life and hope.  But all this is past now...we now breath an air which is black just like the water. In place of hope we have gave way to death...!!! The future is bleak...we are now waiting for the hope, for the life and for the light. Many sunsets ago they came...many sunsets ago we started to die...!!!

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