It Just Doesn't Feel Right.

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Just something about a guy I have weird feelings for but can never have.

Submitted: May 23, 2012

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Submitted: May 23, 2012



\"\"I wish.

I wish I had met you first. Before doing whatever it was with your brother.

But how can I go from one brother to another?
It feels wrong. Deceitful.

But in all honesty. I wish I had met you first.

Your funny, your caring, you listen. Your cute. You may not be hot but who cares? Neither am I. And I find your mind more appealing then your looks.

Except I have the theory you liked my bestfriend.
And even though she has a boyfriend of two years and your not into meddling into other peoples relationships I don't feel right about it.

Plus your 24. I'm 19.
If your 23 year old brother didn't like my age why would you be any different?

You were also married. I've never had sex. How on earth would we make sense.

I wish.

I wish things were different.

I wish I had met you first.

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