The Dark Horse

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Do we ever see our true self !

Submitted: November 28, 2016

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Submitted: November 28, 2016



Her Cool calm exterior designed to hide

The secrets of life, she keeps deep inside

Her surface barely scratched, though many have tried

Leaving its polish smooth reflecting a divide,


Her in the real world, she seems blemish free

The impression is different for those that can see

Deep past smoke and mirrors, her daily disguise

Waits for the phases to bring her alive


Eyes of blue with specks of steel grey

A welcome offering pleasure to her prey

Crystal clear deep, Wishing wells pools

casting hypnotic spells on her play time fools


man is easy in the control of such one

this female has rewards for those that come

the ones in a hurry are first to go

you want to hang around, then take it slow,


Takes independence to a whole new level

to try and tame her, would be a living hell

she yearns for union to make her whole

there’s not another with that dark a soul


misunderstood doesn’t explain her world

it’s at the edge of that darkness that her life unfurls

spilt blood finds its own true course

the shadow of the full moon reviles the truth of the dark horse,

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