The shooting star

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My true love story

Submitted: July 02, 2017

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Submitted: July 02, 2017



I was 4 when i could remember her face. I always remembered her face with a cute beautifull smile. I was playing with my cousin everyday and i was so happy. We were in a same house with 2 floors and i was living with my grandpa and grandma at the second floor and she was in first floor with her family. One day, i noticed that my mom is pragnet and we are moving to other country because of my dad job. But, what i could do in age 4? This is my true love story: ( my own country will called "country A" and the one that we went because of my dad job will called "country B" )

"The shooting star" Now everyday i wake up i just have my big brother to play with but he was going to school every morning so i have no one to play with. My parents decided to send me to school in age 5/5. Wow thats too soon. I remeber i was crying in grade 1 a lot.

After few months my sister came to my family. I heared that we can go back to country A! But ..., we can just go 1 month per year. That was too sad. We had no one here and all of out friends and near families were in country A.

I was countdowning every year to reach summer and get to see my family. I had best days in that 1 month every year with her. She was at my age. I was going to her house everyday. They had a pc in that time. I just told them im coming to play pc. But, was that the real excuse? Ofcourse no, i just wanted to see her and see her smile too me. She also had a big sister as old as my big brother. But that after few days my sister also came to their house and she didnt pay much attention to me as before.

Years passed and we were growing up and i was getting closer to her each year. I was 7 that i brang a 2 player game and a gamepad with myself to country A so i be with her even in a pc game. I was so happy and she was smiling to me every single second.

Next year we could only be 20 days in country A and we shoulded visit all my dad friends and mom family. I have 8 uncles and we was always visiting them and i didnt have any time to spend with her. I was too mad at that summer. When i got back to country B i was crying si hard because its like its the begining of a long waiting and i really couldnt accept this long waiting.

Next year she was moving to other house :(. I was so sad but they needed a bigger house. But!, after they changed their house we would meet as much as before because her mother was putting her with me everyday before she goes to work!

Now im 10, we are visiting my grandma family and thats a really big family with full of young and old people. I always got warm with the girls very fast i dont know how but anyway i always liked that girls ( specially the one 3-5 years older than me ) to pay attention to me.

I was 11 and i was going to a summer camp in country B before going to country A. It was a fun timr to be honest and i met a beatifull girl there that i think she liked me too. BUT!, my brother was with me in that camp and i couldnt do anything!!

She was realling beautifull but, she just passed on my love sky like a shooting star and i couldnt see her again.

In that summer and even in country A i was still thinking about her and even my cousin was infront of me.

In age 12 i was eating so much and i go so fat in country A and the thing that i only remember is that i bought my cousin a rc car for her birthday. It was the same rc car that my dad bought for her old sister but mine was a bit smaller.

In age 13 i started ping-pong and football and i didnt pay much attention to anyone. And i got first place with my school team. It was a 3 person team.

In age 14 my school got more serious and harder than before so i focused on it more even i was always the best student. I kept ping-pong but in that year i got 4th because the refree was annoying me in middle of the match. I bought her a dart this time and when she started playing it with me i could see that cute smile again. Wow, it was a long time i didnt see  ( or notice ) that smile. It got much beautifull.

It was my other cousin marrying party too ( a male cousin older than my big brother ) it was a dance party and i saw her i was holding a flower between my teeth and dancing with shaking mood and that was the time that i could see her smile again. I didnt know it was the last time i could see her cute smile.

At age 15 i was so mad because the ping-pong competition was cancled and my school also got more books for me in that grade ( grade 11). I started playing video game and online games on steam. I made some new friends over steam. I always talked to them more than just a game and some of them were a real friends. My game crashed before christmas and my game server changed. Everyone left me except 3 real friends. I started playing league of legends and found  a good friend there. I was talking to them that they asked me : "do you have a girl friend?" That was the moment that i really felt i was missing something all this time.

Im 16 ( still grade 11 because my birthday is in march 10 ) but i didnt pay attention to this. Is she looking for me too?

I told them about my story but they sayed you say to her that you love her before it gets too late.

The only words i didnt tell her was: "l love you". I couldnt tell this to her all these years. I opened telegram to tell her and typed: "i want to tell you something in private and you should swear not to tell this to anyone else." She didnt answer that day.

Next day she didnt answer yet but i was so worried. I asked one of my old teachers that i had a class with him about 3 years ago ( it was a diffrent teacher and he enjoyed being friends with students ) : what should i do when i fell in love? He answered me very nice but i will tell some words of it: love doeant know age, it is a feeling that can happen on anyone at anytime and its not about getting marry only. It means that u respect that girl and tell her your true feelings to her.

3h later she answered: ok tell me. I sayed: did u ever fell in love? -yes :D. I am already in love. Rip. It wasnt the answer i was waiting for. I was so worried. I said: who is it? -no way im gonna tell you first. I was gonna tell her mine depends on yours but then i couldnt hold it i said its yourseld :|. She said me? I said yes. She didnt answer for a while and then i said who is yours? Why u ran away? After 5m she said. Sorry. But its not you. It was at this moment that i knew, i messed up :|. I tried my best to fix it so i said: me!? Why it should be me!? Dont get me wrong i love you as a cousin! -dear cousin, dont call that love. By the way i cant just wait for you so i have someone now. If anything happenes to me still me and you will never get together :). Lets keep cousins relationships and dont go further :).

She sent me emotions so i feel i dont messed up or something like that but it was the most sad moment in my life. I told her : wow you think too far too, good bye xD. Then i didnt call her again.

Was that it? Will she just be like other shooting star for my love sky? Now i am heart broken and i wrote this novel. It was my first novel i hope you dont get mad at me because of bad grammer. English isnt my mother language but i wrote it in English so maybe someone may feel me through this words. The only wish i have is: no one get heartbroken and always reach their love.


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