The Black Cat

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This could be a halloween type of poem. About a creepy trail and a black cat. I have used the word "You" to make it sound like it is the reader who is the one walking through the trail, experiencing the spookiness. I hope you enjoy as you are the one walking down a spooky trail at night, after work.

Submitted: June 18, 2013

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Submitted: June 18, 2013



During the night, after
You wonder down an old
dark road,
The wind blows through
old creepy hollow trees,
Almost making it sound
like someone is speaking
in every direction.

An owl with glowing eyes
swooping down to catch
that sneaky mouse that
unexpectedly ran between
your feet,
Suddenly swoops down in
front of you,
As you let out a chilling
scream of terror.

You walk deeper into the
dark woods,
Wondering what else might
be lurking in the dark
Oh, how you wished you have
taken another way home
after work.

You spot a large rock on
the right side of the trail,
You sit down to catch your
Looking up towards the moon,
Shining beautifully.

Next thing you know you hear
branches cracking,
Someone else must be nearby
you say,
Not wanting to wait and find
out who or what it is,
You get up and continue down
the trail.

Glowing eyes appear and then
It could be anything like an
owl or a mouse or even another
animal you say,
You continue to walk without
turning back again.

A little ways down further
you see a fence closed,
street lights shine bright,
Traffic driving down the
You sigh with relief.

Once at the fence you look
back and say to yourself,
That was one spooky shortcut
that I will never take again,
or at least at night.

Creeping in the corner of the
You spot two yellow eyes coming
towards you,
You wait and to your surprise
it is a black cat,
In the end you laugh at the fact
you were spooked over a cat.

Out of nowhere You hear a male
voice say hi,
Thinking it could be someone
looking for their black cat,
You say hi, are you looking for
a black cat sir,
As you hold the cat in your

Next thing you know to your
biggest surprise you hear,
It is me that said hi to you,
the one that you hold in your
Why do you walk through the
dark trail at night the cat
As you are looking down in

Dropping the cat out of your
You jump the fence in terror,
Never to look back again,
Making sure to stay away from
that trail and that black cat.

Down the sidewalk you run home,
Confused of the experience that
you will never forget,
The black cat watching you
runaway in fear.
Black cat then says I was only
trying to be friendly,
It is sad how they always
runaway from me,
The cat sighs and disappears
back into the shadows of the

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