A Perfect Christmas.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
(For Ryder Stokes Competition.)Scarlett and Jack had split a few weeks last years christmas, it'd taken them till new year to start talking once again.
However Scarlett never lost her feelings, but did Jack?
With christmas so near, only three days away Scarlett makes a promise to herself to tell Jack exactly how she feels on the night of the Caroll service.
But it'll all depend on Jacks feelings.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



A Perfect Christmas



Christmas time, don’t you just love it. The snow, the Christmas carollers and the decorations. Normally I’d want something simple for Christmas, but this year I wanted one thing, yet I knew it wasn’t the most simplest of things to wish for.

My ex boyfriend, and current best friend Jack. It’d actually been a year since me and Jack had split, all because of my stupid big mouth, I was so angry and my week had be awful and we hadn’t been getting along at all, and then in the spare of the moment, I told him it was over. It was my stupid mistake. I hadn’t spoken to him for the whole of that Christmas, but we decided to let it pass, not long after new years. Now, ever since, well we’ve been best friends, but I’ve always had that part of me that longs for him back, now all I want for Christmas is him back.

It was funny, cause now Christmas was approaching I kept hearing my favourite Christmas song. ‘All I want for you’ funny enough, it suited my situation so well. I had even thought of the idea to turn up at his door on Christmas singing the song as he let me in. But maybe at the end even tell him how I feel, but when I thought it over, I couldn’t bring myself to do so.

Well enough about plans and hopes and even my Christmas wishes, It’s best tell you if I actually got my wishes.

It all started when I was walking around with Jack, only three day’s before Christmas.

“It’s only three day’s left until Christmas Jack!! I can’t wait, are you finally going to give me a hint, please!” I asked, walking through the part with him, the snow flakes falling down from the grey morning sky, while my black ugg boots, where almost covered in white from the snow that had began to stick to the ground.

“Sure, it begins with a p and ends in a s, as I have said before,” he smiled, going down his jeans to find his wallet as we came nearer and nearer to the coffee stand.

“Presents. I know, but I mean a serious hint! Like a proper one!” I said smiling, kicking around some more of the snow.

“Then don’t ask” he smiled, joining the small line of people who waited for their coffee.

“Oh come on don’t be a Grinch Jack!” I beamed, trying to hold a small laugh in while I pictured Jack dressed as the Grinch for Christmas.


“So, me not telling what I’ve bought you is me being a Grinch is it Scar? Besides, what’s the point in my telling you or giving you a clue when its only three days away.”

I suppose he had a point, but when it came to Christmas I was like a 5 year old again, the mentioning of presents and going carolling with people always made me smile! I always loved going down into the park to watch people sing as well.

But what I loved most was waiting in the cue to go on Santa’s lap. Yes, I know, surely your to old for that, but it’s always fun. I mean we only live once.

“Oh Jack! I forgot um, on Christmas eve I was wondering if you wanted to go and see the Christmas carollers that are singing the park.. Santa’s going to be there and so are elf’s and OMG! You could dress up as an elf or the Grinch!” I laughed while, he got his coffee and nudged me in the ribs.

“I think I’ll make a pass on dressing up, but sure. And Scarlett Santa isn’t real.” He said in a low whisper so the kids running by wouldn’t of heard.”

“I know, but I’m young and who knows this year I might actually get my wish.” I said smiling, while we walked through the snow to meet up with Charlie, Danny and Elizabeth.


Later that night, I opened the apartment to see Lexi sitting on the kitchen work top eating a bowl of mint ice cream, her hair tied back into a messy bun. “You’d never imagine the day I had!!” She said smiling.

“I’m guessing you met a guy, cause you have that look on your face.” I said smiling, taking a seat on one of the tables chairs.

“I did!” She said spinning around. “He was so adorable, he had this adorable American accent!” She said, starting to go into the world of Lexi.

“Did he smell nice?” I asked while taking my scarf off, along with my gloves and putting them on the table while Lexi started looking at me as If I’d asked a completely insane question.


“Did.. He… smell.. Nice?” I replied slowly and making sure she heard every word.

“Um.. Hm.. I guess? I don’t exactly go up to people and smell them Scar.. Anyway, how was your day with Jack?” She smiled hopping off from the work surface, to instead sit in front of me.

“It was good and no I haven’t told him I have feelings for him yet. I will, I promise!” I said, as I saw the look she was giving me.

“Oh this ought to be a Christmas aye?” She smiled.

“Yeah, I guess but what if he say’s no? then what’s Christmas going to be like, down and bleh?” I muttered, while Lexi chuckled, almost amused by the situation, while I, on the other hand wasn’t.

“No silly! We’ll make him regret it plus I have some neat gifts for you this year, I swear.” She beamed, walking over to the couch and plonking down; a little like how I did when I was kid and my mother would always complain on how I’d be sending her 10 miles into the air.

“Anyway! Moving on from the downing subjects we should plan how you are going to win his heart.. Hm maybe you should go all out ?” Lexi said jotting down little notes on the note pad she’d picked up from the table.

“How about I just tell him tomorrow night at the carol service? Just simply..” I stated while flashing a small smile whilst taking the note pad from her hands.

“Hey!” She muttered, pulling a pout.

“Your really going to think of a super awesome plan now.. At midnight? Really?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Sure why not?!” she replied taking the note pad back.

“Okay then. Well I’m going to be. Night Lex.”

“Night.. Try not to dream of Jack!” She yelled when I was halfway to my room, considering the apartment wasn’t that big, she really didn’t need to yell so everyone on the same floor and maybe the people above and bellow could hear.


Waking up the next morning, I couldn’t help but feel excited yet terrified.

I made a promise to myself that I would finally tell Jack that I was still in love with him. I would, and even if he didn’t feel the same way it would affect us. Hopefully.

“Your love is like a Bomb, Come on baby get it on!” I heard Lexi belting out the first line of Pour some sugar on me, the Maine’s version though. I wouldn’t of mind her singing the song if she actually new all of the words, but she didn’t she only knew bit’s a bobs , therefore the rest oft what she sang, sounded just like a mumble. She next I hated it.

Throwing the covers of off myself, I dragged myself out of the bed to turn the volume down. I mean really at 9 in the morning, full blast when I was trying to sleep wasn’t exactly my favourite way of being woken up.

“Oi! I was listening to that.” Lexi pouted, trying to get past me to turn it up.

“Yeah and I was trying to sleep, although sadly both have come to an end.” No, I know I wasn’t exactly much of a morning person. I was more of an evening or midday kind of girl. Although I could sometimes be a ray of sunshine in the morning.. Depending.

“Oh, someone is in a grump and of all the days you pick to be in one, you pick the day your telling Jack you love him!” Lexi taunted, bursting into hysterics.

I chucked a pillow towards her and sat down in a huff.

“Its not something to laugh about Lex, this could change me and Jack you know.” I muttered, this being my turn to finally sit and pout about something.

“Oh honey, I think your taking this a little to seriously, I’m sure Jack adores you and is in the same position as you.” Lexi smiled, walking over to the cupboard to get her cereal.

“Why is British cereal so boring?!” She muttered, pouring a bowl of sugar puffs.


Standing under the lights twinkling lights, I found most people giving me a funny look. At first I thought it was because something was on my face, or because I was alone. Then, I realised that I was standing in a pair of thick black tights and a winter dress, with a black coat and a panda hat. Maybe, I stood out considering everyone was dressed up in Hats, scarf’s and winter trousers. I didn’t really feel all that cold when I was constantly moving, which I was doing most of my time. I found it hard to just sit still or just stay still.

Gazing down at my watch, I noticed Jack was already five minutes late and I was stilll standing like a complete and utter loner. I would of course refered to myself being a statue if I wasn’t actually swaying in the wind.

“I’m so sorry!!” Jack yelled, running up to me slowly, trying not to spill the drinks that he carried.

“Okay, before you say anything I was getting you something, you know how you’d always wished to try eggnog? Well toda!” He smiled handing over one of the cups. Something that I couldn’t not love about Jack was how he constantly put others before himself most of the time.

“Dammit.. I forgot to bring your present with me..” his eyes looking down at me apologetically.

“Oh gosh no, don’t be sorry. I was planning on popping over yours Christmas morning to give your presents to you.”

“But your holding a bag full of presents..” He nodded down at the bag in my hand, which to be fair I had actually forgotten all about.

“Oh, those..” I said sheepishly. “Therefore.. Okay yeah they’re for you.”

He chuckled, nodded towards the carollers who were setting up.

“I do believe you wanted to go and see the carollers?” He asked gesturing that we made are way now.

To most people me and Jack got asked if we were a couple from the way we treated each other, I suppose the way we acted around each other never really changed, well apart from the fact that we never actually held hands or kissed anymore. I miss his soft lips on mine, when we stood under mistletoes he’d always smile and look down at me with those eyes of his.

Okay, Scarlett.. Stop thinking of that, its only going to make this harder. I told myself as we walked along to see the carollers. I’d always wanted to get up and sing, but I was always to self conscious about how I would sound and if I’d make the people boo when everyone was so good accept from me.

“Oh it say’s here the first song will be All I want for Christmas is you!” I beamed, although a little part of me inside was screaming for me tell Jack how I felt right now and say how the song was perfect.

“You should see if you could join in.” He smiled, nudging me towards the carollers.

“Um, not thank you.” I said shaking my head. “I’d rather sing with the crowd.”

“Don’t be silly, show them your happy, rocked up version. If you don’t I will” He said, looking at the spare stage next to the carollers, where Santa and his elf’s were meant to be staged, but instead where now on the other side of the park, but the small coffee stand we’d visited yesterday.

I still shook my head calling his bluff, but before I knew it Jack was up on the stage and asking to borrow a microphone. People began looking over at him, forming a small crowd.

Once I’d made my way to the front of the crowd he smiled and began to sing.

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need.” He started singing, his voice had a jazz like tone to it, which got the people swinging their feet. I smiled amazed that he could sing.

“I don’t care about the presents, underneath the Christmas tree! I just want to you for my own, more than you will ever know..” He sang, it was almost like he was singing to me when he pulled me up on the stage handing me a microphone to sing with him.

“Make my wish come true..” I sang trying to match the same key as him, while we both sang the song together.

On the very last line however he took the roll of ending it.

“All I want for Christmas is you baby!” He smiled, looking down at me bringing me close.

“Its true Scarlett Jones, all I want for Christmas is you. After the past month of spending almost everyday with you, I realised I’d never really stopped loving you, will you be my Christmas wish, and come true for me?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He still had feeling for me, and he’d just confessed in front of a small crowd who were cheering and yelling ‘Aww’ and ‘JUST SAY YES!’ at me, but they all seemed so faint when I was lost in his eyes, replaying the words Jack had just said in my head.

“Jack, I regretted the day I said those cruel words to you and ever since we started talking I realised how wrong I was back then and how much I loved you, I never stopped, and you were my Christmas wish. So, I’ll make your wish come true.” I smiled, blushing slightly whilst he pulled me into his arms tightly, leaning in to kiss my lips with his soft ones.

Just the way it should be.

The rest of the night I spent walking around with him we even stopped outside another coffee shop for another coffee, only we sat outside and watched the small snow flakes elegantly fall down, before he kissed my on the lips as soon as midnight struck and whispered to me.

“Merry Christmas Scarlett”


A/N: I really hope you all like this, I kinda had to rush it as I honestly forgot I entered Ryders Comeptition but for rushed i THINK I did an okay job. Hope you all enjoyed :D

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