Be My Valentine, Forever and Always

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Holly Danvers was your pretty, sophisticated, sarcastic teenage girl who hated Valentines Day. Holly had never seen any point what so ever in the holiday ‘Valentines Day,’ it was just another day in her eyes. However, her best friend Phoebe decides that she wants Holly to see that Valentines Day can mean something. Asking Corey Green, one of the boys most adored by the student body of their school, to try and make Holly’s valentines day special. However Corey doesn’t want to just be the person that makes Holly’s valentine special, he wants to make her fallen for him on that day, as much as he had fallen for her. However trying to convince Holly to change her mind on Valentines Day might just be slightly difficult.

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



Be My Valentine,

Forever and Always

“Valentines day is pointless and stupid. “ I replied to Phoebe, who seemed far to concerned about not receiving any gifts on Valentines Day. This is just one of the reasons Valentines Day is utterly pointless. Why should you receive presents from your ‘lover’ on just that day? I mean you don’t need a day to say ‘Okay, go get your lover a gift… NOW!’ Oh no, if you wanted to give the lover a gift, you would do it anyway. Wouldn’t you?

“What! No, do not ever say that! It’s such a magical day where the ‘one’ who’s been crushing on you finally tell you!” She exclaimed, her hands waving around in the air with excitement. It was actually a good thing the halls were empty, otherwise someone would get whacked in the face by those deadly machines, she calls hands.

“Yeah… That is exactly why it is stupid Pheb. I mean if Valentines Day didn’t exist would everyone still ask people out and admit their love for someone in a secret way? Yes. Would they do it without it being in a secret way? Yes.” I sighed, just as she was about to mutter something to me, I cut her off. “Besides you shouldn’t need a day to treat your loved one to an amazing day you should do it anyway. So before you say anything, I’m not changing my mind on Valentines day.” I huffed.

“Only reason you don’t like Valentines Day is because you got your heart broken.” Pheb muttered a little too loudly. I shot her a glare not wanting to continue with that conversation. It had been a year, and I was not planning to dig up the past.

However, yes, it was true. I had my heart broken last year on Valentines Day by Scottie the Hottie. Girls would swoon over him, including me. Nearly every girl in the student body wanted this guy to be their prince charming, and yes again, including me. Then one day he asked me out, I was over the moon I wouldn’t shut up about it until the actual date. Phoebe never once complained or told me to shut up, it seemed like she was just as happy for me, but as well she was just a great listener. A quality I really wish I had. I mean if a conversation didn’t grasp my interest then I suppose I would only half be paying attention and actually listening, the other most of the time, I would be thinking trying to remember what I had planned. Often enough that got me in a pickle.

This time last year,Scott and I were still together, but he decided that once he ‘got his way’ with me and ‘left me with something’ he decided it was over. Yeah, some prince charming?

Scott was not the reason I hated Valentines Day. Oh no, I never had liked it. My hate comes from when I was around 10 year’s of age; listening in on your parent’s argument wasn’t a great thing. On Valentines Day was the day my Father decided to say he wanted to divorce my mother. Ever since that day I’ve decided Valentine Day shouldn’t be a day celebrated. So much for the love and sharing gifts with loved ones.

“Sorry Hol! I really didn’t mean to bring that up, I really didn’t It was a slip of the tongue!” Phoebe continually repeated until I just smiled, “It’s not problem hun, besides I don’t need Scott he’s a player and not a very good one.” I said, winking at her.

If you didn’t know what the players were like at this school, I suppose its best to say. The players here at Roverland High were guys who aimed to get in your pants. Even if girls knew this, they’d still swoon over them. So yes, when I said Scott had left me with something to remember him by… You get the picture.

“OH MY HEAVENS LOOK!” Phoebe beamed, her arms waving around frantically again, only this time she was jumping, almost swotting me in the face. “Eeeeep, Hottie alert, hottie - Oh hi, Corey,” Phoebe blushed smiling up at the heartthrob of the school. Rolling my eyes, I smiled and turned back to my locker.

Corey Green, another boy adored by all girls, however even guys adored him. Not in the same way as girls obviously, unless they leaned that way, then I suppose the same way. Corey was your kind hearted yet cocky jock. He was sweet when he wanted, but his ego was the size of Jupiter. Shame.

“Hey… Phoebe, right?” His husky voice asked. It sounded as if he had literally only just woken up, yet it was surprisingly sexy.

“Yeah, um hi.” Phoebe finally muttered.

I rolled my eyes and turned around to see a Mr. McGorgeous standing beside us. What did he want anyway?

I had only ever talked to Corey in my science classes when we actually had to do partner work, he seemed kind but as I said, Ego the size of Jupiter.

“I was wondering if you knew who started the rumour of me being the younger, brunette version of Alex Pettyfer.” He asked, leaning against the lockers, his smile hypnotising Phoebe. Ergh, here comes the boost of ego.

I scoffed and closed my locker with a little to much force. “Sorry,” I smiled. “Oh I think maybe you must have been hearing things because honestly Corey, your nothing like Alex. He is gorgeous and a sexy actor, while you? Well you’ve got looks but I doubt you’re a successful actor.” I smiled, hoping maybe just a little of that ego shrunk but highly doubted it. I mean I had just admitted he was good looking; no way was that ego going to shrink.

“I know I don’t look like him, but try telling the girls who started the rumour that.” He smiled, not at all bothered by my remarks.

“Ergh. Do you have anything in your head along with your ego? Like a brain?” I asked. Okay yeah maybe that was lame but it was the first thing I thought of.

Corey smiled, taking a few steps closer, his eyes locking with mine. “I’m not sure, fancy taking a look for me, in Bio next lesson? I‘ll promise to be good while my master fixes me.” He whispered, into my ear as he began to stroll away, a group girls giggling and laughing, while he just strolled smirking. That left me standing with a small rush going through me.

Okay I had to admit, that yes that was actually something that I couldn’t resist smiling about. Who came out with things like that other than Phoebe and me? Well apparently Corey Green does.

“I can sort of say that he reminds me of Alex Pettyfer.” Phoebe started saying, swooning over Gabriel who was standing on the other side of the corridor to her, while I raised an eyebrow wondering how the hell Corey looked like Alex Pettyfer.

Phoebe caught my glance, and came out of her daydream. “Oh, well Alex Pettyfer is well, Sex-on-a-stick. Corey… Sex-on-a-stick.” She smiled, holding two hands out to represent the two.

“Hey, are you and Val planning on turning up to French class today?” I asked, walking down the hall with Phoebe towards my, oh so joyous Biology lesson. Did I mention the teacher is a nut job? She is all wacko, I am serious and not the good kind. She’s jumped on a chair once and was literally shoving the carrot she was holding in my face. I’m surprised no one has fired her yet!

“I think we might make an appearance. I mean I heard the teacher isn’t in today! Thank heavens right? I mean French and Maths. Ergh. Why did I even take them? Did I mention I’m totally failing Maths! I mean no one said I am but I know it!” Phoebe said, looking in her bag to try to find her Math’s book.

“See! Look at this, I mean how I am meant to even get that answer…” She said her head falling back, While Val turned around the corner smiling happily.

“Hello, my lovelies! You ready for Maths Pheb?” Val smiled; her luxurious blonde hair was tied up into a messy, wavy bun, her makeup flawless as usual.

Val, had been one of the most popular girls in her old school, but since she moved here, she didn’t want the in-crowd gossip. She wanted just to be quiet, yet noticed in school.

“Nope, I swear I’m going to fail Val!” Phoebe muttered all her excitement from before gone, just like that.


Taking my usual seat in Biology, right at the back I had a small hope Corey was not go to show up. I also had a small hope he would. Stupid right?

“Why, fancy seeing a good-looking girl sitting right beside me today.” Corey smiled, sliding onto the stool next to me.

Those remarks where what made me smile. Those small little comments. Of course beautiful is always a more effective word to use.

“I’m sure she’d preferred to be called beautiful.” I said, pulling out my biology text and class book.

“Is she willing to strike a deal? I will take this beautiful, funny girl out on Valentines Day and I will agree to always call her beautiful. If she doesn’t well I’m afraid she aint going to get called beautiful, which will be a shame.” Corey smiled, his dimple on his right check standing out.

“Valentines day… Like, I’d be your Valentines?” I asked, keeping my voice calm. I know I hated Valentines day and all but at the end of the day It was a day, and just cause we were out on Valentines day didn’t mean we were a couple. Just a girl and guy hanging around.

“Well, yeah… I mean no.” He said, catching the look in my eye.

“Sure, I’ll be your Valentine. However, I am your Valentine only as a friend. We aren’t a couple, we wont give each other gifts on that stupid day and act like one either.” I said, before Mr. Hicks walked in.

“Good morning class; as you can see Miss. Figglehorn isn’t in, so I shall be your supply teacher today.” He said, dropping his briefcase by the side of the desk.

Mr. Hicks was nearly everyone’s favourite teacher. He was chilled about everything, and he never really cared if we did the work in supply lessons or not. However he did make sure the work in his History classes was done, but in a fun kind of way.

“Well beautiful, it looks like we can have a lesson to talk about this ‘date’” Corey turned to me, while Jenny Hastings turning around, to talk to him.

Jenny Hastings, popular snob, number 1.

“So… Corey, have you got a date for Valentines day yet?” She purred, her eyes locking with his. Any minute not she would pounce on him and be all over him, I could just see it.

“Yeah, I’m taking this beautiful girl out. You might know her actually.” He smiled, turning back to face me, leaving Jenny sitting draw-dropped.

“You didn’t have to do that you now.” I said, looking at Jenny who was turning around and starting to flirt with the next boy she could find.

“Yeah I did. So, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 11?” He asked, his eyebrow rising.

“Sure, sounds great.”



Lessons ended relatively quickly that day, and oddly enough, I was looking forward to me ‘date’ with Corey Green. Out of all the things in the world, I agreed to, it was that.

Okay, Corey and me didn’t always see eye and eye, as if he could let his ego take over him, but everybody deserves a chance, right. I mean without a chance how do you know if that person is always a self-centred idiot? Or, a charming, funny goofball?

My mother had always taught me to look further than what the eye could see. So, yeah as you can tell I was doing exactly that. I was going to get to know him, and as I said, I’d only be his Valentine as a friend.

While I was tracking through my thoughts, Val and Phoebe both came hurrying down the hall to see me at the end of school.

“You’re going to be Corey Greens Valentine!?” Val and Phoebe both said at the exact same time. Perfect synchronization.

“Only as a friend!! I said that in the text I sent you when I was telling you both and about how it was so weird.”

“What are you going to wear?” Val asked.

“Oh wear those cute jeans you have!! You always make your legs look great!” Phoebe put in.


The next day I really wished I had listened to the suggestion the girls had told me. Now, instead of taking in advice from the paying attention, I was so totally doing; I was stood in front of my closet with my favourite blue Jeans and a black strapless top, I normally matched with them.

Okay, maybe that would normally make me look like I was trying to impress someone, but it was my favourite top, and it went so well with the jeans.

Deciding to actually go with that outfit instead of housel around in my closet trying to find something else, I went to freshen up.

Taking a quick glance at the clock, 10:35 I was totally limited on time.

Quickly doing my whole makeup and hair in the bathroom, I slipped into my clothes and added a white cardigan and my cream coloured heels.

Okay, maybe I was putting in a little effort for Corey, I mean I didn’t actually know where we were going, so I had to dress somewhat with class just in case it was somewhere posh and he was dressed all smartly. Yet, I couldn’t actually put that image in my mind.

By the time I was ready, my mom was yelling from the front door that Corey was here. Yeah, my room was downstairs.

Walking down the hall, I saw Corey in a black button up shirt, matched with a pair of sneakers and some newly bought Levi’s by the looks of them. I had to admit he looked rather gorgeous.

“Ah, here she is!” My mother chimed, sending me a small wink while she turned to face me. Out of view from Corey.

“You kids have fun now. Oh and Corey I’d like my daughter back at 12 or before, any later and I might have to think about ever letting her out with you.” She smiled before waving us off. She was so humiliating.

“I hear you actually hate Valentines Day.” Corey said, as we started walking into the main part of town, were beaches, and parks weren’t to far away.

“Who told you that?” I asked.

“Well, Phoebe did. She told me how you hated it and I thought maybe I could try change your mind.” He smiled.

As if he could change my mind on how stupid this day was.

Raising an eyebrow, I looked at him and asked “ Oh and how are you planning to do that Green?”

“Well first you’re going to wait here.” He said before running into the shop beside us, completely leaving me standing on my own. Great.

About a minute after he’d left, Corey returned handing me a bouquet of flowers. I had to admit they were gorgeous.

“These aren’t going to change my mind Corey.” I said stubbornly, but smiling at the thought of the flowers.

Before I knew it, my feet was swept of the ground and I was being carried bridal style across the zebra crossing, which lead the way to the local park.

“Corey, put me down!” I demanded, from the small laugh. It was like he was physic. It was like he knew about some of the things I’d always wanted to happen to me.

Okay, yes I know its stupid to always be carried bridal style around somewhere, put to me it always seem like such a fun thing. Call me strange, but It was. But in my dreams it’d always lead to a dance.

“So, this was your idea? Sweep me of my feet, buy me flowers and then what?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

Corey didn’t answer any of my questions, instead he showed me the answers, he danced around with me, well actually we went around in circles skipping. He bought me a pizza as well as chocolate milkshake.

Although those might be two things, I grew to know more and more about Corey as the day went on. Sitting laughing and talking. Okay the ego he had began to show, but so did the caring side to him, that I always loved. Like when he talked about his Younger brother and sister who were twins in Biology and Chemistry. It always made me have a small soft spot for him.

Although as far as changing my mind that Valentines day was pointless, he was succeeding but falling a little for him, he was succeeding very well their.

The attempts of making jokes that really weren’t funny, had me in fits of laughter. His impressions were awful, which I couldn’t help laugh at.

“ Corey, can I ask you something?” I asked, as the sun was beginning to set.

“Of course, anything you wish babe.”

I couldn’t help but smile at the words he was calling me.

“Will you dance with me across the zebra crossing while the sun is still up?” I asked. Okay I know the stupid request of my dream I had, had now been mentioned.

“Of course,” taking me by my hands he began to Waltz me across the zebra crossing, causing cars to beep their horns, obviously the drivers wanted to get to their destinations.

But as we reached the middle of the road Corey stopped and pulled me into the bridal style once again, but leaned me back as if part of the dance. One hand I had wound around his neck the other, was let out with the bouquet in my hand, while I laughed as he pulled me back up. Being upside down somewhat always made me giggle. I wasn’t sure about other but with me, it did.

Just for a moment I thought he was going to press his lips to mine, but instead he carried me off, while the beeps of cars continued to go on, until we’d got of the road.

“How was that?” He asked, smiling.

“Amazing,” I laughed, waving the drivers off just to pee them off.

“So, how about changing your mind on Valentine’s Day? Still think its pointless?”

“Yeah,” I said. “But, I have my reasons why I dislike this day with passion, and I still think you don’t need a day to tell someone you love them.” I said.

His eyes were focused on mine, he was really listening to each word I said, before he pressed his soft lips mine, his arms winding around my waist, mine sliding around his neck, before I gave in and kissed him back with the passion.

“I love you Holly Danvers and I have for a long while, I know you think Valentine’s day is pointless but I want you to be my valentine. Forever and always.” He said, as he broke off the kiss, his lips still close enough to be touching. Each word he’d said his lip had almost brushed over mine.

Standing stun for a moment, I kissed him lightly, before replying. “ The strange thing is, I’ve spent a day and felt my heart fall more and more for you. Its strange to say that I think I love you too, even after such short a time.” I smiled.

“So, will you be my valentine.. Forever and always?” He asked, pulling me a little closer to him.

That question, that one question was the one that I wasn’t sure I could guarantee a promise to.

“I can’t promise, I’ll always want to celebrate this day, but I can try and promise to always be your Valentine. Forever and Always.” I smiled.

“That’s enough for me.” He smiled.

This time, when his lips crashed on mine, it was more passionate than the others, like a way we were conforming this deal, and a way of saying silently, ‘I really do love you.’


Corey never did change my mind on Valentines day, but I managed to keep my promise most of the time.

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