No One But You.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Melissa had dated a few guys, but ever since she met Christian she’s never really found any interest in the other guys. When Christian finally asks her out after many days and weeks of Flirting, the only thing that’s really on her mind is has she actually found her Romeo? If so, will she screw it up or will she actually live her happy ever after.
(I unno I made this up on teh spot...)

“Eeep! I got his number!” I said waving around a small piece of paper, smiling like a five year old had just been given a brand new toy to play with.

“Finally! After all that flirting you think he would of asked you out or something ages ago.” Cassie said smiling checking the digits on the paper to make sure it wasn’t some fake.

“I need details Mel! I mean is he totally drool worthy that every girl has to stop and stare until he flashes him his smile which makes them melt, or is he a Hottie? Or a guy with a great personality?” Cassie asked smiling with her dark brown eyes burning into me for the truth.

“ Okay, okay! Well he is blonde haired, blue eyed and totally amazing. And I’m trying to like you now date others than him, I mean I don’t want to sit and wait all the time but every time-” I was shortly cut of by Cassie interrupting me as she finished off the sentence.

“But every time you try you think of him and can’t go through with it” She smiled sighing whilst she leaned her head against the palm of her hand. “I see marriage at the end of this tunnel babe! After I finish work here we have got to go shopping and find you a killer outfit!”

“Well actually, I just bought something. Sorry Cassie!” I smiled apologetically whilst she just smiled handing me my coffee. “Babe, what on earth are you saying sorry for I mean you’ve got to show me this outfit you’ve bought, I mean is it sexy so you’ll make him drool or is it elegant but sexy?” She smiled handing over my cappuccino, while I just laughed.

Yep. That was a typical Cassie she was a girl who loved to know the details on the guys I dated. I member my last weeks date and she trying to talk me out of dating him and wait for ’Dr. Hottie’ to ring. Yeah, that’s what she calls him.

“it’s a Mel outfit. You know, just something simple.” I smiled pulling out the dress I had bought earlier. “Mel! Your gonna look stunning babe and if he doesn’t compliment that dress I’m gonna be at his house with a pitch fork”

“You and your pitch forks” I said rolling my eyes and I took a seat by the counter. “Ooh wait here, Katie just got in so that means my work is over!” she smiled happily slinging her apron over the hanger and grabbing her bag.


“How do I look?” I asked twirling to show off the new dress. The blue skirt like bottom fitted perfectly with the white shirt like top. I thought It had a nice classy edge to it. “So.. Does it look alright on me?” I asked giving it one more twirl in the mirror.

“Girl, your looking pretty darn hot!” Cassie said smiling as she ran to the door eagerly standing by the peep whole, looking through it. Most likely until she saw a tall blonde at the door.

“Mel!! He’s here!!” She smiled opening the door as he was about to lift his hand to knock the door. “Hey come on in! Mel wont be a second she’s just getting her purse and shoes.” Cassie smiled, closing the door behind him.

“Now you listen her Mr. if you hurt her your going to be finding me at your door with a pitch fork, then once I’m done I’m going to roast you or maybe boil before slicing you up and placing you in Toby’s dog bowl! Oh and if she’s not back by 11 in the morning then I’m expecting grandkids okay?!” I heard Cassie saying, which I couldn’t help letting out a small laugh before running in and pulling him to the door.

“Um.. Well we best be off! Bye Cassie.” I smiled waving before pulling Christian out of the apartment as fast as I could. “I am so sorry! Cassie is just really excitable…” I said apologetically, whilst he just smiled.

“Melissa, its fine” He smiled taking my hand into his as he began to lead me out of the block of flats to the black Mercedes out front.

“That’s you car..?” I asked blinking a few times at the Mercedes passenger door he had open for me. Rather a gentleman, aye?

“Actually my friend let me borrow it as my car’s in for an MOT.” He smiled slightly making him look adorable.. Okay wait did I call a guy adorable? Isn’t mean to be called Hot or Handsome towards a guy?.. Oh, oh well.

“I think If I ever asked Cassie to borrow an expensive car she’d more than likely bite my head off” I smiled, while he just laughed slightly. Okay this officially going horribly wrong, what am I doing.. Maybe I got the wrong signals when we were flirting.. But then why would he of asked me?

“Mel, you look amazing tonight” I heard Christian say, smiling over at me while I felt a the heat rise to my cheeks. “Thank you, you look rather dashing yourself.” I smiled as I turned to watch all the streets we passed before arriving at our restaurant.

As we arrived at the restaurant, he made sure that he beat me to opening my door for me. “Thank you” I smiled sweetly as he offered me his hand, his baby blue eyes looking into mine.

I slid my hand into his, our fingers intertwined as he lead me up to the rather posh looking restaurant. “Brooks, table for two” he said in his rather charming, calm voice, while the man checked through the checking’s and called a waiter over to lead us to our table.

Well, it was for sure that this wasn’t a cheap easy date, he had obviously gone out of his way to make this special.

“Have I already said that you look gorgeous?” He asked smiling while I began falling deep into his baby blue eyes.

“You have indeed” I smiled blushing, before picking up the menu, scanning over it before my eyes caught the scampi dish.

“So what would you like angel face?” he asked just before the waiter walked over asking us about our order. Of course I ordered the scampi and he ordered the spaghetti. At one point during that night he kissed me by asking me to try his pasta, of course he began eating the other end and soon he took the cheap move of kissing me, but the sparks between us lit up. It was like the whole load of fire works.

The night lead on to his place after of course I wont go into detail, but that memory quickly flashed before me as I was getting into my wedding dress.

So you must be wondering how I ended up here, and how? Well many dates came after that first one, Cassie was more than thrilled for me when after a year and a few months he asked me to marry him, of course I said yes.

Now standing in front of this mirror with Maggie in my mothers arms in the background brought all the memories back.

“Melissa, sweetie. I’m going to go and take my seat and my I say how proud I am of you.” She said pulling me in for a gentle hug, before going and leaving me and my father to get ourselves ready, for the big action.


Standing there, kissing him right after the words I do felt so right, the kiss more passionate and seemed just so right for his lips to be there with mine. He really was my prince charming


A/N: Okay, so for those of you who don't know this is my entry for Melissa Alburney's contest. If you don't know who she is well.. go check her out! Her stuff is amazing. And Mel.. your most likely going to kill me after you read this ^_^ But I hope you liked it :P Anywhoo thank you all for reading!



Submitted: July 29, 2011

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Melissa Alburney

RHI I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!! Hahaa just kidding. Time for critique!

So you stayed within my requirements of a short story and having the picture in a scene.

What I liked was the cute relationship between Melissa and Cassie. But I thought, even for a short story, it was still short. I wish we could have seen more of Melissa and Christian and their relationship.

Great job!!

Fri, July 29th, 2011 6:17pm


^^ N'awhh thank you!
Oh few.. I'm glade I got most of it all right. ^.^!
Yeah sorry... I'm not good at writing short things I was going to make it small little novella but..then I'd of never finished it cause I'm rally lazy and busy over the weeks. ^^''''
But I am so glade you liked it! :DD
Thank you!!


Fri, July 29th, 2011 11:28am

Lexis Grey

Haha I really like this! ' you and your pitchforks' LOL I love the two girl's relationship, so funny. Also Christian, he sounds like the perfect prince! Great job! Lexis x

Wed, February 22nd, 2012 3:55pm

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