The Sands That Bravely Weep

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This was a poem I wrote really late at night. The meaning of this poem is up to you to decide- because I have no clue myself. Enjoy!

I do not care

Where the wind takes me

Because the wind will always blow

Turn ahead

And don’t look back

Let your true colours show

When the universe

Shows itself to you

Don’t ever look away

For if you do

You’ll miss your chance

And it will fade away

The light burns

So very bright

And guides the coloured stroke

The paint will dry

And time will pass

Carried by a tattered cloak

The sands that march

So bravely onward

They sometimes need to sleep

As for the ones

That lost their love

The sands do bravely weep

Death and life

They spin and dance

As one, they steal the floor

Death wants to leave

But life will stay

And beg death for one more

The monochrome heart

Beats silently

It hums right through the night

The monster sing

A hapless tune

As they crawl into the light

It beats on

And never stops

Then asks to sing again

A crimson letter

In the mail

Telling of who, what, and when

The clocks, they tick

And join the song

In symphony they sing

The sands wake up

The monsters hide

For the universe they ring

It hides behind

The windowsill

Just waiting to be found

It takes a peek

To see you there

And doesn’t make a sound

Death tangos

On the marble floor

Leaving life caught in a spin

Then leaves coldly

No goodbyes

Just a rosy safety pin

The melody dies

The monsters live

The shadows stop their play

The voices

Stop their whisper

As the monochrome heart starts to say:
“Here lies

The dead and wounded

Who wish not to see us mourn

Hate us, they will

If we don’t live

And for that I do warn

The sands

Who never sleep

Slip right through hands

In life or death

We cannot tell

Where their souls may land”

The universe

Stumbles out its shell

And glimpses a new place

The crowd

Of beasts are filled with awe

At the sight of space

The stars

Do twinkle

The moons do shine

And every passing

Vagrant claims that

“This is mine”

Before long,

The universe hides away

Wishing it could cry

For crying was

What the sands did

As no, they did not die

Life became

An ocean wave

And set them off to sea

The sands now wander

Around and about

Wherever they may be

The wind blows

One final breath

To see the sands on their way

And they don’t care

Where they may go

For life begins today

The tattered cloak

Is buried deep

Deep into the dark

To make them

Forget so easily

To put out the wandering spark

But the fire

Grows immeasurably

And inspires the artist to draw

Death comes

And kills the flame

But the artist knows what he saw

I do not care

Where I go

As long as the sands are there

They are

Very alive

If you were only aware

Death is

More than bedtime story

But not the bogey man

Just a

Long-forgotten tune

That wants you to take its hand

It’s an

Adventure into a new world

Not a graceful end

The parades

March on without you

Even your closest friends

For you are never


You’re truly dead

You’re just a

Lost, empty sand

That needs to go to bed

Submitted: June 02, 2016

© Copyright 2023 DJcyan. All rights reserved.

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Very impressive!

Thu, June 2nd, 2016 5:54pm

Oleg Roschin

Beautifully composed! I love the atmosphere you've created here, and there are many words of wisdom to quote. I can imagine this as lyrics for a really good song!

Fri, June 3rd, 2016 5:22pm

Amy R. Beckett

Wow - great poem. I particularly loved the image of life and death dancing together - beautiful and thought provoking :)

Is there any way you could break it up a bit more? Personally I find it harder to process when it's all in one big clump like that... Up to you obviously, I just feel the words might need a little space.

Well done!


Fri, June 3rd, 2016 5:55pm


Gorgeous poem, DJ. I'm sorry for not being as consistent with reading your work as I should be, I've just been so busy and have been craving time to myself lately. I like how scrambled these thoughts are: it's quite reflective of sand blowing in the wind, being crazy and unorganized yet meaningful. I didn't get a meaning out of this - I just enjoyed it. I'm reading it late at night while listening to some thought-provoking music and the poem took me on a little journey. I just pictured two lost beings in space speaking to one another, line after line of this poem, alternating the words they were saying to each other. The last four lines spoke to me in some way, reminded me that we all die someday. We all must be put to rest no matter how much energy we have beforehand.

Sat, June 4th, 2016 5:47am


Meh, you don't have to be a consistent reader. It's not like I'm a consistent writer. Although I do enjoy your comments. I'm not sure it was supposed to have a meaning or anything, it was just a bunch of scrambled, insomnia-fueled thoughts as I was trying to go to sleep at like 1 in the morning. I will be on a month-long hiatus from Booksie and won't be returning back to the realm of the living until sometime mid-July, and I miss you already. I'll seeya around! ~DJ

Sat, June 4th, 2016 1:48pm


Wow, I love the rythem! You're very talented, it really makes you think about life and death. It inspires you to live life because death comes without warning. Love this! I even shelfed it haha. Keep it up!:)

Mon, June 6th, 2016 4:11am

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