Just some of my own random "quotes."

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I'm a big fan of "quotations" and I've come up with several through out the years. Hope you enjoy them.

"Your childhood is precious and always taken for grantid. Your adulthood is true but a sad reality."

"My soul is telling me he's a keeper and not to be afraid as I fall deeper for him."

"Being blessed is not the same as being lucky because luck runs out."

"Just because you realize it's the way it's supposed to me, doesn't mean it's easy to except."

"If your stupid enough to open the door and walk out, I might be stupid enough to close it."

"When your heart is open, anything can come in. It's a risk and a gift at the same time."

"Love doesn't stop the bad things from happening but it does help you get through them."

"Oh, the bittersweet that is life."

"Oh, to be at an age where everything is a game and not a lesson."

"Sometimes the strong thing to do is to cry."

"When someone you care about dies, it's a comfort to know that they're off doing bigger and better things and the rest of us just aren't there yet."

"You can turn almost anything around and be angry with someone for it, but really, who wants to be that bitter??"

"When your happy with the little things in life, that's true happiness."

"A good friend always teaches you something. Even if the lesson isn't easy."

"Scars are just reminders that you made it through whatever put them there. Be proud of them and let them make you stronger."

"Faith is knowing that your not talking to yourself. That, deep down, someone is listening."

"You can't control where you grew up but you can control where you end up."

"I'm good to those who are good to me."

"You can do anything you set your mind to. Just set your mind on the right things."

"If we didn't have any attachment to someone then leaving them would be easy."

"People may recognize your face, but they get to know your heart."

"My idea of a wild, friday night is buying a bottle of wine and not sharing it."

"If happiness is scary then I want to be scared for the rest of my life."

"Anyone can be good at staying in one place but it takes courage to go places."

"Just stay far away from me and we can become as close as you want."



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