It can't be easy to loose a child to cancer. I havn't experienced that pain before and hopefully I never will but I think this is some of how the parents must feel.


As I stand over you, your eyes become tired and stressed

only being your mother a short while, I know I've been truly blessed

I hate that you have to continue to suffer, I hate more that I want you to stay

But what kind of mother would I be, to make you struggle in this way

I know that I am loosing you, that it's all out of my control

Still the connection between me and you is stronger then ever, and all I need to console

To be your mother for 12 months, gave me a lifetime of dreams come true

I know it doesn't seem that long, but I think about all that we've been through

Your barely strong enough to hold my hand now, your strenghth is slipping away

I want to be strong and let you move one, knowing that we'll be together again someday

I know you can't say full sentences yet, that your only up to a word or two

But I know your thinking so many things, so those things I come up with for you

Your thinking "Mommy, I'm going to go be with god." "Please, don't worry." "He's taking good care of me."

Although that doesn't comfort me right away, I'm missing you so strongly, I have to let it be

You'll always be my baby, even though you'll continue to grow older without me

And in my heart, I know that we'll be together again one day, but only god knows when that will be

So I say goodbye to you for now, the tears are running fast

Still, knowing that your not truly gone, my memories will continue to last

You made my life a good one, my sweet child, your life will still go on

When you've given me what you've given me, that life will never be gone


Submitted: August 25, 2012

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