Ridiculous Plea

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I wrote this because we tend to pray in a 'greedy' way. Not that we are so greedy and conceited, but don't we usually ask for what we want ? God please do this, help me do this, give me this, sound familiar ? If you really take the time to think about how and what you're praying about, I am 100% sure you will find something that doesn't sound exactly right. And sometimes we pray for him or her to change, but truly we are the ones who need to do the changing. You say you're Christian, start living the Christian life. Don't like 'Christian' be the way people put you into a group or class. None of us are perfect, but we can atleast try to change. However, God is not angry when we pray like this, don't think that way. He understands we are not at all perfect, and our nature causes us to be the way we are. But again, it doesn't mean we can't try.

Submitted: March 01, 2007

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Submitted: March 01, 2007



I cry out to God

fall on my knees

asking Him to grant my ridiculous plea.

If only life was different

and people would change

I would be a duck on the shooting range.

My neighbors next door

all the people around me

why don't You open their eyes, help them to see ?

I followed your plan

didn't raise a finger

no matter how long the pain would linger.

It's not that I'm tired and cranky

or angry with you

I just need something new, something better to do.

But I need to change

 and You've made that clear

but I'm like a beginner, I can't peddle or steer.

Lord, lift me up

take these wants away

and take hold of my reins today.

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