Washed In The Payment

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I wrote this because not every Christian understands what Jesus Christ's death truly meant. He didn't die because He felt like it, we weren't created because God the Father was lonely. We were created to glorify Him, and God exists to glorify Himself! And our human nature drove us to turn our backs on God Himself, the One who is responsible for our very existence. His death did not just free us from our sin, it cleaned us. As the gardner cleans the fallen grape vine branch, the blood of Christ has made us spotless in the eyes of God.

Submitted: March 01, 2007

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Submitted: March 01, 2007



Washed in the payment

without even knowing.

I felt warm inside when the outside was snowing.

Didn't even know, I was washed clean

after saying those words, what did they mean ?

Washed in the payment

that pure flow of blood.

It covered my sin

removed all that mud.

I was washed in the payment

of this I'm sure.

The payment that freed me

from the One given mrryh.

Not only did it free me

but it washed me clean.

Hair, face, toes

and all in between.

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