Emily's Plea

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A man struggles with the death of his wife.

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012




Derik stared into the mirror examining the fine lines carved into his aging face.  Took a deep breath and sighed; it seemed like the lines and wrinkles appeared over night, but that wasn’t right was it, no it had been at least two months since Emily died.  That’s what put the cracks in his stone mask of a face.  It was hard to believe it had been that long already, it felt like just yesterday; sitting in that hospital room listening to the machines speak in they’re all to familiar to him way Beep( everything’s fine) Beep ( She’s still alive) Beep (it will be alright) “ Stupid fucking machines” he thought to himself. Everything was still and calm for the longest time, he must have fell asleep three or four times; and then the harsh white hospital lights flickered once, twice, third times a charm.  The color drained out of the room, leaving only shades of grey.  Just like that, snap gone, in a flash, in a blink, in one moment that would last forever. 

Sometimes Derik swore he could still feel her arm around him as he fell asleep at night, or when the wind picked up it carried her sent.  “What am I going to do, Em?” he said half speaking to him self and half speaking to the air; He waited almost expecting an answer.  Nothing just the ever loving silence that filled the house, that forced itself into every nook and cranny like some kind of invisible liquid. 

In his dream Derik saw Emily standing at the foot of his bed, her radiant smile showing and her warm brown eyes inviting.  She reached for him her skin far more pale than usual. Derik sat up in the bed, but didn’t reach out to her.  Emily’s image began to waver and bend like the slipping reception of an old t.v. she alternated between the Emily he knew, he loved and the Emily from the hospital the one that tore out his heart a little more every time he seen  her shallow breathing, dark sunken eyes and dry cracked lips. Her hand went back to her side and her chin sank to her chest when she realized he wasn’t going to reach for her.  A sullen look broke across her face, tears the color of ink streamed from her eyes.  From the darkness behind her a blurry twisted form wrapped its arms around her and pulled her backwards into the black void. 

Derik woke up to the phone ringing; he glanced at the clock 3:15 a.m. The room was tinted blue from the moon light shining through the curtain.  He finally managed to find the phone after knocking over a water glass and a picture of him and Emily taken during they’re last trip up north.  “Hello” he said voice like sand paper. “Derik?” the voice said barley audible.  He sat for a moment waiting for the voice to register in his fatigued mind; before it could it spoke again “Help me” Derik’s heart skipped a beat as it sped up.  “Emily!” he said almost yelling. 
The voice repeated “Help me” a soft sobbing followed.

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