I'm Emma

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Deep in the woods a young boy find an unexpected friend or does he?

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012



 The wind whistled and howled outside giving the cloud covered night, an extra touch of creepiness.  As the invisible force pushed against the old Victorian style house it creaked and moaned in protest.  It’s old gravel voice echoing through its dimly lit halls.  Emma sat comfortably in an elegant looking arm chair reading by candle light.  More interested in how it flickered, and danced across the surface of the aging paper; Her golden curls reflected back some of the candles light giving her a subtle glowing effect.  Her nightgown long and white was tucked under her feet hiding them from the breeze that found its way through the house.  From a distance Emma could have been mistaken for some one twice her age because of her mannerisms and the way she conducted herself.  Though close up you could see years melt away leaving a fresh face in its tracks; she was only thirteen.  A knock came at the door filling the sparsely furnished house with it’s haunting sound.  This at first startled her from the daydream that she had lost her self in.  Cautiously Emma opened the door to find a boy that could have been no more than thirteen himself standing there drenched and shivering.  His dark brown hair was plastered to his scalp and his wet clothes clung to his small frame.  The site of this sad and pathetic looking boy left Emma speechless for a moment then he spoke making her feel even more sorry for him, his voice quivered and was as fragile as his body looked.  “ C - c- can I please come in”  Emma bit her bottom lip thinking it over in her head, surely this boy could pose no threat to her, but she herself knew not to judge by appearance alone.  Emma nodded and opened the door gesturing with her right hand that he may come inside.  Once inside Emma took the boy over to the chair she had been sitting so comfortably in sat him down and wrapped him in a blanket.  She walked over to the fire place and from where the boy sat it looked as if she just waved her hand and a flame appeared.  “My names Allen” he said the quivering still present in his voice.  She kept her back to him and did not respond.  Undaunted by the silence of his host Allen tried again.  “I’m sure glad I found this place, if I didn’t I don’t know what I would have done.  Though I am going to have to say its kind of odd to find a house way out in the middle of a forest.” at this Emma tuned her head to look at him over her shoulder. “Not that there’s anything wrong with living out here” He said thinking that he had offended her.  “  I was camping with my family and I was getting ready for bed, when I could swear I heard a woman calling my name, so I followed the voice” he paused as if to think “ I don’t suppose that was you was it” still Emma stayed silent.  Allen shifted in his seat.“So anyway I kept following the voice, now it seems kind of stupid I guess.  I mean who would I even know way out here, but it was such a sweet voice I couldn’t help myself” Allen stared at Emma for a moment she had an odd glow to her in the light of the fire.  “I..” before he could finish Emma cut him off raising her hand to her lips “Shhh” she said in a quiet voice.  “Do you hear it?” She asked.  Her voice was in its self a whole other kind of sweetness, not like the one that had led Allen here.  Her voice held no sadness in it. He listened straining, but all he heard was the house and the wind outside. “I don’t hear anything” Allen said as if he knew that was the wrong answer.  Emma stood still for a moment longer finger still pressed against her lips, her eyes looking around as if she were searching for the source of the noise that she heard.  “Well” she shrugged “Maybe it was just my mind getting away with me” she spun around and looked at Allen her eyes shined with a cheery intensity “You must be thirsty” She said with an as a matter of fact tone.  “Let me get you something” with that she made her way out of the room.  He looked around the house taking in as much as he could in the light of the candles and fire.  It looked as if most of the things in the house hadn’t been moved or used in ages.  A thick layer of dust covered most everything, giving it a dull grey look; except the books on the shelf they looked almost new, though the shelf itself looked ancient.  Where the walls met the ceiling in each corner a large cob web hung cascading downward and almost blending into the wall itself.  While this place had the look of something haunted or conceived in a nightmare; but it had a warm feeling of a caring home.  Emma returned holding to identical cups steam pouring out the top, she handed one to Allen with a shy smile painted across her face.  He took it with both hands. The outside of the cup instantly warmed is cold hands.  Emma sat in front of him legs folded underneath herself.  She took a sip from her cup.  Allen held the cup close to his face the steam left a layer of condensation on his skin.  He could smell cinnamon, mint and something else he could not identify.  He gave Emma a quick glance. She nodded at him and gestured with her hand for him to drink.  Allen tipped the cup and sipped the hot liquid filled his mouth, and he instantly spit it out.  “What the hell is this?” he asked almost gagging.  Emma tilted her head slightly to the left and gave him a quizzical look “It’s blood of course” she replied.  Allen’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped, bolting up out of the chair he threw off the blanket that had been covering him.  “What are you?” he asked fighting back fear and a swell of tears that were on the verge of coming down.  She looked at his now glossy eyes and simply replied “I’m Emma”

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