last moments of Brianna

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Brianna was always good at avoiding peer pressure, until the one time when she really should have been.

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012




Blood coursed down the wall like a waterfall, pooling at the base.  The lights flickered and flashed, with each blink.  A new more horrific image appeared; twisted bodies writhing in agony, reaching out with broken hands, covered in black veins and pale flesh.  Some of them screamed with a high pitched whine others made no more than a gurgling sound with dark tar like liquid dripping from they’re mouths.  Brianna gripped the silver cross that hung from her neck and closed her terrified blue eyes, squeezing them tight as if they harder she squeezed the more likely this was all to go away.  The house creaked and moaned around her, the floor boards sounded like they were holding too much weight and were going to splinter and break at any moment.  Voices of the damned bounce off the decaying walls, and echoed inside her head.  Tears slipped out corners of her eyes and drained down her flushed cheeks.  Brianna steadied herself; opened her eyes, kissed the crossed and said “Fuck it.”  Running forward she pushed herself past the horrid, grotesque figures.  They latched onto her clothing tearing it and drawing blood on her arms and legs, her lungs began to burn the air was too cold, like beginning trapped in a freezer. (Almost to the stair case a few feet from it)She leapt into the air, only to feel herself be drawn backwards by her bra strap. This knocked what little air she had left in her lungs out.  Her body hit the floor with a sick thud, the floor boards were indeed splintering.  She felt them digging into her skin as she came down.  Thin sharp fragments of board pierced the flesh on her arms, legs and back.  Pain flooded her body, causing almost instant paralysis.  Brianna closed her eyes again, when she coughed she felt the blood leave her mouth and fall back down slowly on to her face in a mist.  She could here the nightmare creatures coming, after a bit of coaxing she reached her hand up to her silver cross and gripped it tightly.  Around her the floor creaked again and again, before it finally gave way; and Brianna fell into the darkness below.

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