Lily's Secret

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Lily has a dark secrect that she wants to share.

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012



“Can I ask you something, Casey?” Lily said her head in his lap, black hair cascading down around her.  He shifted a bit the hood of his old car wasn’t the most comfortable place to sit, but it’s what she wanted to do.  He looked out over the lake they were parked by, taking in the cool air, and took a deep breath.  “Sure” he finally said.  “What if..” Lily paused for a moment, biting her bottom lip as if she were questioning whether or not to ask.  “What if I told you that I wasn’t like other girl’s?” She finished.  She could feel Casey move again.  “Like you don’t enjoy girly things?” He asked.  Lily sat up her dark eyes staring into his pale blue.  “Not exactly” she replied.  She could tell by the look on his face that he was confused.  “Maybe it’s just better if I show you” she said sliding off the hood of the car.  She stepped back away from the car, the light from the moon just bright enough for him to still see her.  The wind picked up, pushing the dry dead leaves across the ground and sending a chill down Casey’s spine.  Lily took off her sweat shirt revealing an almost too small black bra.  Now she had Casey’s full attention, she threw the sweatshirt on the ground and lifted her right arm high into the air. Taking her left hand she ran it across the pale skin of her forearm.  A thick bright blue liquid began to run down her arm; it seemed to glow and shimmer in the dark.  Casey stared unblinking for a moment before he could find his voice.  “Is that..” he paused not believing what he was about to say “Blood” the word itself held a copper taste to him. “Yes” Lily said dropping her right arm.  She approached the car her blood dripping and when it hit the ground it made a sizzling noise. Casey continued to stare at lily’s bleeding arm finally he looked up at her face.  Her eyes once a deep warm brown, now blazed with the same blue that her blood did. Casey wanted to move, wanted to scream but he was paralyzed.  “Well?” lily asked like she was now giving him permission to speak.  “What the hell are you?” He managed to squeak out, his throat felt raw.

A look of disappointment spread across Lily’s face.  “And I thought you loved me” she said with a growl “I thought this time things would be different” she continued.  “What do you mean this time?” Casey asked fear evident in his voice.  Lily turned her back to him, and when she did he felt mobility return to his muscles and quickly slide off the hood on the opposite side of the car. “You can really pick’em, can’t you Lily?”  She said speaking into the night.  “Is it too much to ask for a little understanding?”  From behind her she heard Casey speak “I think this falls far beyond the realm of a little understanding, and right straight into the land of what the fuck!”

Lily spun around looked at Casey and began to laugh.  In an instant she was next to him hand clenched around this throat.  As his vision began to fade her burning blue eyes stayed visible, her grip slowly tightening cutting off his air supply.  A dark shadow was now cast over his world.  In a voice not hers he could hear lily say “You’re all alike”

A warm summer breeze gently pushed itself against Taylor and Lily as they sat on the beach watching the sunset.  The water calmly reflected the dying light of the sun; as it set the sky ablaze with orange and red.  Taylor put his arm around lily and held her close.  In a sweet voice she asked “Can I tell you something?”

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