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the supernatural is nothing new for Stone, but he may have taken a job that goes beyond anything he has done before

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012




The sky inked solid black, no stars.  Even the moon seemed to be swallowed in the dark void.  The street lamps cast an eerie yellow light down on the patch work black top and cracked concrete sidewalks.  The air was stale, reeking of decay and loss.  

On the corner of 3rd and Main stood a building; Windows and doors boarded.  It’s façade dull and cracked from years of neglect and harsh winters.  Inside rats nestled in the walls, building nests, breeding, destroying it from the inside. The floor boards were warped and frail.

A dim light could be seen outside of a third story window; Pushing itself against the oppressive night.

Stone and Layla sat in a van parked outside of the building on 3rd and Main.  Watching and waiting for the right time.  To most it would appear that this crumbling structure would have nothing of value inside, but they would be wrong. Stone and Layla sat in a van parked outside of the building on 3rd and Main watching and waiting for the right time.  To most it would appear that this crumbling structure would have nothing of value inside, but they would be wrong.  “There’s the light, 3rd story last window just like Jacoby said” Stone said speaking in an almost disappointed tone, as if he wanted his most reliable source to be wrong.”So now what do we do” Layla asked.  Stone took his eyes off the building and focused them on Layla her dirty blonde hair pulled back, showing her thin framed face in full.  He could see the fear in her blue eyes, but there was nothing he could say to reassure her.  He leaned over and kissed his wife one last time. Her face resting in the palm of his hand, he looked deep into her eyes.  “Wait for the signal” he said in a low voice.  She responded by nodding her head.  Stone grabbed his large green duffle bag out of the back of the van and made his way to the building.

Once inside the building he lit a road flare, by the glow of its red light he could see what the darkness had been hiding.  Twisted figures emerged flesh a cool grey, long necks, they’re heads all teeth and no eyes. Stone pulled his rail gun out of his duffle bag.  Loaded with six inch silver spikes soaked in the blood of a dead man.  He took down the first couple with clean shots to the head, punching quarter sized holes clean through; the bodies crumpled to the floor.  Still on the stair case Stone lobbed another flare into the second story hall way.  He heard the creatures shriek and grind they’re razor sharp teeth.  He shot the first one in the head, no good it wobbled for a moment then shook it off.  Cursing under his breath stone pulled out a twelve inch blade purified in salt from the sheath on his back.  He shot another spike into the creature’s foot nailing it to the floor; then swung with all his force at the things neck; detaching its head from its body.  Making his way down the now dark hallway pinning and decapitating each creature he came into contact with. 

On the third floor at the end of a long hallway stood a door, the light he had see shined through the crack underneath the door.  He threw a flare, this time he was met with no opposition.  Reaching the door stone kicked it in, to find a woman tied to a radiator on the far side of the room.  Walking over to her he could see her face dirty and smeared with blood, eyes swollen and red from crying; lips dry and cracked.  He knelt down beside her “Come with me if you want to live” he said cutting her free.  “Who are you?” she asked rubbing her wrists.  Her Spanish accent made her hard to understand at first. “My name is Stone, now come on” He said helping her to her feet which revealed her swollen belly. “You’re pregnant?” Stone asked with surprise even though it was clear that she was.  She nodded “Maria” she said patting her chest.

“O.k Maria we..” He stopped she didn’t need to say anything; the look on her face gave it away. Stone felt a sharp sting across his back followed by a warm wet sensation, he missed one.  Falling to his knees he managed to mutter “Run” then collapsed onto the floor, blood streaming down his sides and soaking into the dry rotted floor boards.  Stone closed his eyes “I’m sorry Layla…”his apology was interrupted by the sound of his rail gun firing and a loud thump.  He could hear Maria running down the stares. “She got away” he thought and a smile crossed his lips.

Layla sat anxiously behind the wheel of the van “Come on, come on” she said to herself.  When a woman appeared out of the darkness of the house; she was limping and cradling her stomach with her left arm. Layla froze her jaw dropped open and her eyes began to water. When the woman was almost to the van Layla snapped out of it “Get in!” she yelled.  Maria made her way around to the passenger side and climbed in.  Layla looked at her, then her stomach. “Shit” she thought to herself.  Once she was sure Maria was in the van, she turned the ignition on and took off.  A half mile down the road Layla hit the brakes.  She reached into the center console and pulled out a small metal cylinder.  Giving it a gentle kiss she pushed down the top and whispered “Good bye my love” A large fire ball blew out of the third story window where Stone had met his final resting place.  Moments later the building collapsed in a pile of burning rubble.  Maria stared at it through the rear window; then brought her attention to Layla her face now covered in tears. Layla hit the gas and didn’t look back and together they went into the night.

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