My Little Boy..

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Based on a dream that I had.

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012




It was the height of his career. He was constantly working and was proud of what he was accomplishing. He had always known that he wanted to do this with his life. A sense of purpose, a platform to do his work, and an opportunity were the things he needed, and he had them. If only he had been careful for what he wished for.


Working as a network administrator for the United States military, he wore the uniform proudly. He was honored to serve his country, and do what he loved in the process. He was married. His wife, Carmen, had known his work had to be his priority when she met him. There was no changing that. Despite that, she saw in him something powerful. When he wanted something, he pursued it until it was his to claim. Nothing stopped him. He was passionate, he was determined. As odd as a person that he was, she never had any doubts. As any good man would, he would do anything for his wife, and was working tirelessly to build a future for the both of them.


They lived their lives as though anybody would. Simple, boring lives that wouldn’t appear odd to anybody. There was something he had always wanted to do in his career, but knew that the opportunity would only present itself if he had reached the plateau of where he currently was. He wanted to get there, and he succeeded. The new job would require more of his time than ever before. He wanted it, and his wife knew that he wanted it, and understood the conditions it would include. But then something unexpected happened that changed the game completely.


Carmen was pregnant. It didn’t come that much as a shock to the both of them, as these things tended to happen in life. They were excited, and ready to face yet another challenge together. The two of them hadn’t planned to have children until a couple years later, but of course that was irrelevant now. Throughout the pregnancy, he juggled the long hours in front of a computer monitor and taking care of his wife. It was a struggle, but he managed to do it. Carmen being very understanding helped him incredulously. There were times he wouldn’t come home at night, just sleeping on the floor of his office. He would frequently be late. It bugged him even more than it did his wife. He hated being late. Not coming home was one thing, but making anybody wait for his arrival for anything drove him insane, especially the fact that it was his pregnant wife. Throughout it, he carried on.


The day his son was born was one of the most amazing experiences of his life. More so than any promotion or achievement he could ever obtain. His body was exhausted, but his mind and heart were very alive. He could see both qualities of his wife and himself in his son, especially the eyes. His wife even said that looking into the eyes of their son was like looking into his. Passion, heart, love, it was ingrained in their eyes. The reason she married him to begin with, carried onto their son, their legacy. They both knew their son too was destined for greatness. They were very proud parents.


After his son, Alexander, was born, it was back to work as usual. More long hours, more being late, but now with a crying baby to tend to. Regardless of what defines a person genetically, they still have human needs, and require people to meet those needs. He now worked just to get home and see his family. While he still took his work very seriously, he had to put them out of his mind while at the office. If he worked with them in his mind, the quality of his work would quickly deteriorate, and time would endlessly drag on. When his time came to leave, there was no lingering, there was no hesitation, he was gone.


One day while at work he stopped, which was a bad thing to do, and just thought about his family. His wife at home, all alone, taking care of their son. He thought about what kind of things she had to go through every day just to see that their son was ok. He started to break down. He knew that if he did this it would have disastrous results, but it was put off for long enough. He thought about just how much he saw his son, and how much he wanted to. God did he want to be around him. He was a happy baby, who would recognize his father and be overjoyed by his presence. He started to think about things from his son’s point of view. He knew that Alexander was dying to see him just as much as he was. He started to cry.


His family meant the world to him, and because of this job he wasn’t able to be around them much. Thinking about things from his wife and son’s perspectives, he just sat there and cried. He couldn’t do anything else. It had enveloped his mind. Work didn’t exist despite his location. There he sat, thinking, the tears falling from his face.


Somebody in the office noticed him crying and notified their boss. His boss walked in, not saying a word, and sat down next to him. After a few moments of silence, his boss finally spoke. “I’m not asking you to tell me what’s wrong, but I just wanted to tell you that we’re all here for you if you need any support. We’re not created to go through life alone.” He took what he said to heart, and was glad that he came in to talk to him. He picked himself up a bit to talk to his boss. “….Chief…” “Yes?” With tears in his eyes, said to him, “…I just want to see my little boy.”  Being a father himself, his boss told him to take the rest of the day off. “Go see your little boy. I know he’s probably waiting for you.”


The entire drive home he tried to compose himself, but it was no use. He was a nervous wreck. He got home and walked through the front door. Carmen was walking through the house holding Alexander, singing, trying to put him to sleep. He stood there and looked at them, and just thought, “This is my family.” With tears in his eyes, Carmen said, “Colton? What’s wrong? Did something happen at work?” He said nothing. He walked up to her holding him, and just put his arms around the both of them. After a minute, he stepped back and took his son into his arms. Alexander was smiling, his dad was home. Colton smiled back and said, “I’m going back to my old job.” Carmen exclaimed, “But you’ve worked so hard to get where you are.” He laughed a little, and responded, “My job does not define me. You do, and he does. I’m not missing any more of this.”

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