The House on Second Street

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In a small rundown steel mill town stands a 120 year old house that was converted into an appartment. Every building has its secrets, yet the secret that resides within these walls, will shock and horrify 1 family who's only crime was to seek a short term stay. While their plans for Texas was being finalalized.

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012



It was June 1996, my best friends family The Simpson's were moving into this little second floor appartment on Second street, as a temporary shelter till their business in Texas was finalized. I helped them moved, liked i always did I loved them so as if they were my very own. Which they treated me as such, often in public Melanie's father Don would address me as the adopted daughter. Which would always put a smile up on my face. I remember when i first glanced at this house how old it looked. It was a fairly large brick building with the attic space it was 3 stories. The front porch was wide and the white paint chipping away from year's and weather. The steps had crack also from year's and neglect. There were 2 cream colored door's on the porch the one on the right led to the second floor appartment where the Simpson's moved into. I was quite worried initially at how little space there was was you came up the stair's and to the small landing. But after they explained how it was all just temporary, it subsided my concern.

Standing there on the landing, i thought the appartment was interesting at first. The stair's that led to the attic where Mel and her newborn David were to sleep were on my right. Slightly off the left of the stair's was the bathroom. Then it seemed like a small circle the kitchen, livingroom, then the masterbedroom. I swear it appeared to all be a small circle. And all the rooms were small, which was deffinetly odd i thought do to i know how much thing's they have. But i put it out of my mind thinking perhaps they've shipped things down to Texas or kept things in storage. But one thing i couldn't account for now shake while being in that appartment, this heavy feeling in the air and the endless feeling of being watched. I wasn't alone, Melanie's mother Alice didnt look like her cheery self at all while cooking in the kitchen. In fact quite the oposite.

She looked worn down,and ragged (which was unlike her completely) I wanted to chaulk it up to the stress of moving away to Texas but i knew better. Even my friend was acting stranger than her normal self. I asked if something was wrong, but kept getting "O we're just fine, just alittle tired!" I didn't buy it, I grew up with these people and I knew all to well when their hiding something. Melanie eye's glanced over her glassess and stared at me slightly pleading to tell me something, yet terrified to do so.

The Same was coming from her mother. As i was getting ready to rise to help Alice with the meal she was preparing i couldnt help but noticed my neighfews broken swing, begin to swing and play music by itself with him in it. This shocked me and seemed to terrify Mel and her mother. David was only 5 months old at the time, poor thing was getting agitated by the minute. I quickly went and got him out of the contraption, and it continued to rock and play the music, as if he was still in it.

I made the comment that perhaps we should go into the livingroom, and they both took a breath. Now i wanted to know what was happening. "The living room is no better thing's are happening in there too. "LIke what?" You'll see! With my neighfew in my arms i took him into the livingroom and put him in his play pen to nap, just as i stood up i noticed this bizarre odor within the room. Alice slowly crept into the room continuously looking around. Then she noticed it, and pointed her finger against the left side wall across from their book case. It was 3:00pm in the afternoon and there on the wall was this oval looking light on this wall. I wanted to investigate it but my best friend pulled me back with fear in her eye's. Melanie doesn't scare easy, but she was this day. Then we all noticed david's toy's begining to move on there own. I couldnt belive what i was seeing. I couldnt help myself no longer, i asked them where's Don and what does he think of all this?

Everyone jumped when a male voice from behind us say "Think about what, Where's dinner?"

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The House on Second Street

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