A Basic Need

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When a friend / lover leaves you, he leaves behind a severe wound that's hard to heal

Submitted: March 12, 2011

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Submitted: March 12, 2011



Anyone that once influenced us is hard to forget
Once he’s out of your life, he’s a basic need you can’t get
Once he’s totally out of your reach,
It creates a feeling of incompetence that’s hard to neglect
His departure induce a long-term effect
And time wasted in his sake create an intense feeling of regret
And when you are finally capable of forgetting his existence
He comes back reviving his influence making no difference
He comes back all of a sudden, expecting to find you the same
Of course your guard is up and who’s the one to blame
You want him back but how would you know it’s not just a game
He once left you, and all you could feel then was pain
Now he's back, but you're terrified he may do it again
You want to let him in desperately, but you're just being sane
When he came back that day it's as if he injected you with hope
But you're afraid at the end you'll be hanging on a cut rope
Just like last time when he left you
But if he does it again, this time you wouldn't be able to cope
It’s sort of tragedy...the fact that you can’t let it go
While you’re afraid of that lie and the way it may grow
An insane feeling of love…that he’s the only person you’re thinking of
He always said you can never go away
As his mind will follow you…and his body would stay
But his brain has told him to pass over you…and easily betray
While all your needs…were basic needs
He didn’t understand…that you’re unique
It’s so bad when you don’t trust someone…and you still need him badly
Not thinking of what you may lose…you still love him blindly
But it’s all about faith…which no-one can ever fake
You thought he loved you…but that was the biggest mistake
Considering you believed that… Because of your faith… You thought he would have stayed
Now you can't trust him no more...because of the things he made
You’re always thinking…that no one can replace him
Treating him as if there’s no-one is similar to…him
And when you faced this betray…you’re still trying to be like a grim
You’re always – like - fighting to be a fool
You intend to misunderstand…you intend to fail
But you’re still unreasonably believing…he’s like the air you exhale
It’s hard to treat him as if he’s someone you hate
And it’s harder to let go of someone who can easily facilitate,
Facilitate your life, allowing happiness to get through
Either way it's not up to you now, it's up to fate
The only thing you’re capable of doing now is to wait
Till you see what fate uncovers…till you see what it did create
Whether love and passion is what brought him back
Or vacuum and boredom were his reasons, and you’re another cloth on the rack
Are you a basic need in his life, or an amusement that he did lack?
By : Mustafa Kassem , Sherif Hussein

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