A Punishment From God

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taken from my book, "Gameless"

Submitted: September 20, 2012

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Submitted: September 20, 2012



A Punishment From God


No, my brain ain't like no other mind

And I could care less if it don't think right

For, I've got things to do in life

That don't include using my mind

"Is that right?"


That's why ev'rything is so complicated

I take 6 pills a day

They're supposed to make my brain great

But whatta they know?

They don't know what it's like to do time

Always having to wait to go shop

Always burning in the flames of Hell

Called an "empty nest"

Trying to get back here

In August

They don't know what it's like

To have to lie to my family

Until August 1st.

I'm drowning in Agony

Holding onto the hope

That they let me do what I need to do

As I do it all behind their back!

Just to leave them again in thee end

How are these pills supposed to ease

The pain I suffer from

From having to make it all work?

Thee only ones who're really helping me

Are them!

And I can't let them know

What they're doing for me

'Cause if I did

They wouldn't do it!

And even if I get it all done

I have to risk not getting my


Apartment back!

'Cause if I don't

Then I'm stuck in that "empty nest"


And that only gives me more money

Which is never worth

Staying at your parents for!

Who cares about a car?!

Who cares about a car?!

'Cause when you're at home

With your folks

"You know" how women will look at you like?

A straight up lazy bum!

And who needs such a bad prestige?!

I don't

I have to get this apartment back

Or I'll die!

And no money is gonna

__cheer me up

Oh! it's such a panic

It sucks!

Why does this have to be my life?


I don't get it


I know why

God is punishing me

Now I can't be ready to die

Like I was ready to before

I have to risk

That I may not live

To see me being back

In the place I had to leave

Because I spent the next 4 months rent


02-18-'08 #2

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon Reprise. All rights reserved.

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