French Fries Don't Laugh With Me Enough

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taken from my book, "Pardon Me For Explaining"

Submitted: November 05, 2012

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Submitted: November 05, 2012



French Fries Don't Laugh With Me Enough


Drops of powdered forgetfulness

Unclog my forgiveness

How unbetrayed are my thoughts of you?

Let me banish my heart

From your unmemorable wounds, that

__scatter like mice to a cheesebread

I wanted you to know how much of a

__monster you have become in the

____mists of pleasure

Taste me

Tease me

Show me you don't care

Show up and stop down sometime

My head is like wine

My heart is your flower

May I poke you with a needle as if

__you were a dead stick in the mud

____trying to climb out of the

______mold that entered the

________time warp, but forgot

__________how to let lizards


I know you showed up in the corners

__of my eyes

At times I do not cry

But you and me, baby

We know why

Hustling for fun I forget you

__like a mouse

Going out of style like a potato

I wing forth a brave parade

Hungry for forgiveness

Have you ever seen my mind?

I know you haven't

Because I've had it from you

__because I don't love you that


Sorry I misunderstood your feverish

__highs and lows

But madness has caught me under

__the weather, seeing as how

____you're trapped and all, like

______a pig in a blanket

________I want to eat what's

__________on your mind, and

____________then I want to

______________EAT your mind


Is that too bad?

Don't get angry with me

I didn't steal your love seat

I ate bacon and ham with the

__rabbi yesterday

It was a Sha-barbeque

But my "heavy heart"

Never forgot of you

I know you like my salad

But speaking of trees

I don't think I like yours

Oh, you're such a sandwich grabber

You and your broken clamps

Can you clap for me with your man

__hitting me at the same time?

I'll be your basket ball

And you can eat me

Do you want to

Eat me?



04-26-'08 #1

D. L. Cannon

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