"Go Get A Hobby"?

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taken from my book, "Enjoy Some One While They Still Last"

Submitted: May 29, 2012

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Submitted: May 29, 2012



"Go Get A Hobby"?


Getting a hobby don't solve anything

Look at me

I write

Play guitar


I still have boredom and hatred

__for you fucked up women

____who don't wanna have sex with me

______without paying for it

I wanna kill ev'ry guy bigger than me

I regret throwing true love away

And believe me, that hurts

I can't work

Or I'll lose my medication forever

__and go back to the mental ward

I can't have a kid of my own

__'cause I wouldn't know what

____to do with one

And I can't afford to drive

__'cause I live in a group home

____with no extra money for even

______a cell 'phone

If I don't take my pills

__I won't hack it in class

I know that from experience

I have insomnia

And my quack wants me off

__sleeping pills

I have no idea if that's gonna

__be a good thing

If it's not, I can get a medical

__doctor to put me on one

But I don't know if I should

And I can't decide

I know sleep deprivation causes

__a psychotic episode

And "let's face it"

I'm too dumb to force myself to learn

__sleep hygiene

Writing is fun though

Music I love too

Tagging, however, is as over for me

__as karaoke

'Cause I got caught

So I just do it in my books now

Not fun

To put it short

A hobby only isolates you

Unless you're in a band

But "let's face it"

We're not all that good at what

__we wish we were doing right now

"And you can take that to the bank"


08-03-'07 #10

D. L. Cannon

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