taken from my book, "While You're In Rehab"

Here Without You


I'm insane

Here without you

Won't you faze up and give me a call?

Been a mess

Since I left you

I cannot live "at all"


I'm hurting all the time now

Hurting on the west coast

Hurting in North Cali'

Hurt when I'm on vacation

In The Rocky Mountains

I saw Grand Canyon, I just wasn't O.K.


You were not

With me there

"It made me miss you"

"Too damn bad"

So they say

And I've been crackin' up but holdin' it inside

Cry all the way home

But I know I'll be happy

When you and I are together

Next court date


05-25-'05 #4

D. L. Cannon

Submitted: October 26, 2009

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