Immortal Regret

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taken from my book, "Pardon Me For Explaining"

Submitted: October 30, 2012

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Submitted: October 30, 2012



Immortal Regret


If I am to fallow

I am to die

Well, I wanna be down town

Throwing up all around

I stay in the shadows

Fluttered into nothingness

Living in a Hellish room

With practic'ly nothing to do

I guess the world is good

If I could only be true

I guess I am alone

This time

Am I just gonna cry?

No, I think I'd rather

Put away my social life

Just like my car

I'm not intuned to you

I can never be here again

Rotting in Purgatory

For nothing but a book and a pen

The towers are falling

The damage is coming

When me and my brain attack

Tearing this heart apart

That I hold inside

Never gonna give it again

I'm too in-spite-ful

I'll never win the lotory anyway

So push me away from you

'Cause you are gone anyway

I'll get my thrills my enjoyment

Of rambling and roaming

This world that you have condemned

Me to live within

I may sound pissed

But your voice sounds like Liz


I will just run away

From the suburbs

And will not return

I can forget about

How I felt around

You in those good days

'Cause you hate on me


I'll disappear

Like a bat in fear

Of the light of the sun

lighting up sunny doom

Like a life full of drips

Of paint on the walls

I can waste my heart

On only memories of all of us

Or I can realize

That goodbye has come

In a way unmemorable

And so even the good mem'ries

Are being blocked

'Cause they hurt so much

Well, O.K.


04-20-'08 #2

D. L. Cannon

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