Journal Entry "Of A Madman" # Two

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taken from my book, "Going Into Detail"

Submitted: December 20, 2010

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Submitted: December 20, 2010



Journal Entry "Of A Madman" # Two


After I pissed I went on a journy

__fallowing the creek thru the parks

I came to Gomes Elemetry

Had memories coming to me

From boyscouts and highschool

It was beautiful

Like how spiritual it was back then

Flashing back I fallowed the creek

__onward to Chadborne Jr. High

Went around the circle and fallowed

__The creek somewhere to Mission San Jose

____Highschool, and the memories hit even


I made a wish on the bench and went home

It was such a pretty night

I thought I'd see some graffiti

But it was gone

I'm really glad I went out tonight

Staying home sucks

I'm awake and not about to sleep yet

I think I should get a higher dosage

__of my sleeping pill

Otherwhise I'll never sleep

I feel like it's not working anymore



D. L. Cannon

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