Life Under Construction

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taken from my book, "Blinded By Thought"

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011



Life Under Construction


As I "begin to" lose my voice

I use my head

And heart to write

About the way

Of this new life

Raving week after week

With these young friends

I find myself in ruins now

That I've no car

And am in debt

My weakened heart

Could not say "no"

Now I'm totally alone

Far away from love

Or any one

Damaged by the fear

Crawling inside

And eating me up

I can't "grow up"

I have learned that

But that don't make me live any longer

Hearts I've only barrowed

I have yet to keep one

And now I never will

I know I need a new life

But I'm getting too old for my own youth

December I may be moving

Or in January placed on

A waiting list

Dr. says I'm not insane

Still I do not have game

My dick keeps wondering

What it did to be left so alone

To be out of a hole

My heart doesn't gove a shit

And my brain knows it's impossible

For anybody to give me what I want

I'm taking pills for the rest of my life

Just to keepo me out of the farm

Becuae it's not as funny as is titled

Sometimes I wonder

"Do they pay me 'cause I'm medicated

Or am I medicated because I'm paid?"

I guess pills and money "go together"

__like "love and marriage"


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D. L. Cannon

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