Stuck In Waiting

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taken from my book, "Honey Cut"

Submitted: April 15, 2011

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Submitted: April 15, 2011



Stuck In Waiting


It's so damned hard for me to be

Without you

And though

I'm your brother

I feel the distance

From us


I find it hard for me to end talking with you

It's such a pain for me to have to

__always hang up

I am drownin' in sarrow, feeling lonely and afriad

But if you have to rest

I wish you the best

Your voice, it lingers in my ear

And it won't let go of me at all

This void is just too clear

But there is no space to fill

In your heart, at all, my dear

So I close my heart

__but it opens right back up. I can't

Get closer and I won't

I'm further from than most

I feel like I'm a ghost

And haunting shadows from the past

Taunting and laughing at me now

I want to be more than a brother

I'm not asking to be your lover

I'm just lonely

Even when with others

Like I'd rather be with you

But I'm just some kind of fool

Who knows that we will neve spend

__time with eachother like I will

Always want to


At least being there not alone with you

Is enough to calm me down

But how can that always happen

When I'm thee only one who really wants

__to be there, at all?

I'm just going to fall

In love alone and wait

For much more better days


09-23-'06 #1

D. L. Cannon

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