Swept Away Into Uncertainty

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taken from my book, "Coming To Grips"

Submitted: March 22, 2010

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Submitted: March 22, 2010



Swept Away Into Uncertainty


You might know me

Just may like me

I'm coming

To grips with ev'rything

And my high


Will walk away

Point me to the can

I will puke if I may so can

I? will top the liter

And fill up lots of fajitas

Don't you wanna swim in my sarrows?

I know this blanket of trust is deadly


Am I gonna wonder what the fuck kept


Out of staying insane?

This is gonna be quite what I am

Are you a hooker I know?

Just some ho that I boned?

Can I sleep out

And under the stars?

I'm afraid I've too much to say

Oh well, Oh hey

"What's it to you" anyway?

Have a crumple of sarrows

Have a head full of tomorrows

Wondering and worrying where I'll be

__wandering off to just in an

____instant that Foldgers makes Coffee

Don't you bleed or I won't be

__alright worrying about you

Oh, how you be

How you be so meen

But I can't complain

I'm just too insane

Maybe I could lose you, and I

__will then again have my mind

I think "the whole truth"

Could be ruined by one book

Shall you read it now?

Shall you read it now?

I don't know what happens

Whern you get to granma's house

All licked up in the villiage

I'll call when I want

Won't this temper evenge?

Oh, Lordy Lordy Lordy Lord

Will you just lick my nadz?

'Cause I don't "care at all"

If there's food in the sink

Will you kiss my ass?

Or don't you?

Well, I've puked my last digestion

What about the proof that you don't need


Need me to clean your fairy attick



D. L. Cannon

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