The 3 of Us

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The fight fought within.

Submitted: December 27, 2013

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Submitted: December 27, 2013



A predictable process of thought

I simply cannot seem to stop.

Though all is well on the outside,

Inside, there’s a war that won’t halt.


A constant sub-conscience seize

Effective immediately

In my bones I can feel the evil grow near

But I can’t muster any words except “please?”


A terribly terrific struggle wages deep within my mind

There are no angelic or demonic voices, only Me, Myself and I

We know each other well and our intentions shine through true.

Me wants to help, Myself wants to harm and I could give a hoot.


We all fall down at particular points and pick ourselves back up.

We’re all in this together right? We’re cool when times are tough.

With worries replaced by miraculous grace, my world returns to light,

And the three of us sit waiting and wondering when will be the next fight.

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