The Nightmare Of My Life

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taken from my book, "The Flies Are Bothering The Pig!"

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



The Nightmare Of My Life


In An Engraved Nightmare

Of hinged bodily fluids

My entrapment of dark passages

Rip thru, as I barf out my stomach

I reached forth and pounded the wit

__out of him

I smiled as his dead face looked back at me

Then, the bolts of lightning

__jerked me to the flames of Hell

Laughter came elsewhere all of a sudden

And as I fell down I saw him

__pointing the finger to me

He was showing me to God

I knew what was happening now

And I knew

There was no way out

Death came too soon to me

Now there is no time to make up

__for it

Here, there is nothing but torture

Bees surround me

Sting me over and over

Hot women tease me

Birds came and gnawed off my arm

And today, the demons sawed off

__my lower body

Tomorrow my inmate tells me

__they'll get my head

I got angry at him

__and he cut into my chest

And ate my heart out for me

I tried not to look down

But the lava turned into my lamp

And then I was in my house again

The man I killed in what must

__have been a dream, was still alive

____sleeping on the chair

______with the Tv. on

________in front of him

I called his wife to get him

__away from me

And we never spoke of why

It's like they knew

They must of plotted the whole dream

Implanted it in my head

It's hard for me to sleep at night

If I do, I don't dream

Each time I see him, he leaves on his

__own now

What kind of prank they pulled on me

__I don't know

But it doesn't make me laugh

Hard to forget something like that

It's like I need a drop of

__butterfly juice

____to clear my head

Some kind of fry, to empty my mind

But then I realize

Each time I see a hippy

That I need to remember it all

Need to remember it all



D. L. Cannon

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