Unblocked Writtensy

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taken from my book, "Hold To My Doubt"

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



Unblocked Writtensy


"For, the" loves

__of my days

Have left me behind

Now I'm "on

__the run"

I'm "on

__the run"

Looking for fun

Hopefully it's fun

Though, sometimes it's never found

Yet, I bicycle on the ground

Riding around


To drive

Again, to get further

Than where I go

But, you're my inspiration

To write, so I stay home

I'm never


About your unavailableness

I know

It's just my

Luck, that you're not single too

I'm over

The drug life


The half life

And my book opened up

I already feel complete

I won't cry

I won't weep

I will find

My space to speak

My brain keeps burning hotter

And these words just boil thru

I am fond of truth

I can see that anger's useless

Mayhem will not puncture me

Now that I can fin'ly see

All the pain has it's meaning

Encouragement to see me thru

Far enough for words to be flaming inside

Enough to take them to the paper

And out of inside

'Cause they need to come out

So I can break in peace

And with you on my mind

There will always be something to write about

Now I know without a doubt

In love with you I won't fall out


12-29-'07 #4

D. L. Cannon

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