Unknown Meanings

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taken from my book, "The Flies Are Bothering The Pig!"

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



Unknown Meanings


Suddenly stupid

And shamefully exposed

Growing no corners

I flop all about

Hooker, give me back my boxers

And get gone

Stupidly mad

Like a quack

Prescribing money

For the dumb

Honestly, it ain't working

Maybe it's showing

I'll stop and be able

To show up

Claustrophobia's opened the door

Once in a lifetime I'll sleep on the floor

I've a brain nevermore

So sue me if agreed

And spell the word "mean"

That hurts, I'll know

With white petals of a rose

I'm far overgrown

When I laugh like a king

And sleep 'til I dream

Once offended, I'm gonna laugh

It don't make me madder

It only makes me sadder

I'm crying, indeed

You'll know what I mean

And by the time that you do

It wouldn't be true

Sell off the damage and walk it inside

You'll know my clean mess

When you've come up with the rent

When you wanna do me

The next time I'm rich

I'll hinder thee offering

And linger to the softening

Of your words when you shout

I'm an alien in a robe

You've hadn't let go of

Let not the passenger seat

Where you sleep be a miss

I'll slap your face with my flute

Then share with you my soup

I've 2 bowls of corn

And you'll want some more


10-29-'08 #2

D. L. Cannon

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