You Can't Love Me

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taken from my book, "The Flies Are Bothering The Pig!"

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



You Can't Love Me


Try ta eat some tofu

__when I'm dead

Even tell the cricket

__ to "hold on"

You told me thangs

You said a bunch of stuff, I know

You told me thangs

How hard it is, for me, to go

Where to go anyways?

I'm off of the stage

And onto the screen

But life with you

Is not love with you

Still, I stay as high

As I can naturally be

With as much coffee that at work

__I can drink

You knew all the words

To describe all my flaws

Where I am wrong for you

Gotta get going

__but I don't wanna go

'Cause I'll just be the same

__for the next love of mine

If my life is a shamble

I guess I'll flow

Too much bad news

Can never bring you to me

Too much of me

Is not nowhere as good for you

As is too much of you is

For me

But I'll blank my heart

And put you in

The back of my mind


__shove you in there

To never be truly free



I have to learn

To accept I am not

__lovable material

I have to waste my whole

__entire life

Never being able to be included

In love's game

I can't protect you

So I'll sit here

__and be rejected for

____the rest of my life

If I can't protect you

Who can I protect?

I will not

__even try

So I will go and lie

And say "I

Will do without it in life"

But if I can see thru my own lies

What good will that do?

I am going crazy

'Cause I'll never get a second chance

I am off the deep end

Wishing for a time machine

It's an impossible dream

So I have to wake up

Start over with some one else

But my reputation is ruined

I have wasted


May as well

Die in this pain

After it hurts me for the rest

Of these love-life-less days


10-21-'08 #4

D. L. Cannon

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