5 Sunrises Later

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
taken from my book, "Running Thru Fields Of Escape"

Submitted: January 05, 2011

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Submitted: January 05, 2011



5 Sunrises Later


Somebody take my brain

And pull my heart apart

Go on and "laugh about it"

It's gonna have to start

Let's not think more than twice

About it, that's too hard

I know you've seen me laughing

Come on, and join along

You are thee angle of crime

Sailing all so far

Be here without me, lady

You're going to be gone

And wash the world without me

It will not be too long

It hits where laughter points

The gun at, staring hard

It recks the world of


Cognitive coordination

__pulls along

____so sofly

And hides me, manicly

Just to fall apart, I have to start dancing

Justice won't sail

__my configuration

Lust won't cooperate

__with the time scail

The future marches away

From me

And I don't see a way


That stripper who I felt up

Without paying

From destructing my love-life for me

And causing my nigfhtmares

To come true

But I'll walk out of

The refridgerater

Once I have the meat

__where it belongs


I won't use it anymore

There'll never be another whore

Oh, what for?

Don't answer that

I belong where I belong

Done this to myself

Hurting myself more than her

Yet that weights of tampered time

Rush to block it out

Though what does it do?

Madness will only bring me down

Madness will drape me with feelings

__that I don't wanna go thru

I couldn't bare to be mad about

What only I alone

__can forget about

It's not a Nestle Crunch bar

__that I am biting now

It's my own desaster

That I have to taste now

I'm not finding a way out

Of this "crazy wabbit" hole

She's ruined me now

Let the ruins take their toll



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2018 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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