A Ghost Of A Necro' Date

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taken from my book, "If Zero Isn't A Number, Then 'Who Am I?'"

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012



A Ghost Of A Necro' Date


Thee inplatantion of brain particles

Moved thru the vast majority of thoughts

Little thinkers bubbling here and there

I felt a reaction as I penetrated

Past the surface of the tissue of this


____beautiful woman's mind

It was as if she still


Morning came, and I woke up


__with this bitches head on my cock

My God, she was a good fuck

I chopped her up Immediately

After pulling out

Then I threw her remains in the fireplace

Lit them up

And hit the shower

When I got out to get dressed


There she was

All put back together again

It was her soul

"Ghost got clothes?"

I asked

She answered with her fist in my face

But it went right thru me

I laughed in recognition

The stupid little woman

Then she disappeared

I told thee other Necrophiliacs at the bar

They said it happens often

I wonder a bit when I sleep at night

Will she come back again?

Sometimes I can't sleep

And when I do I don't dream

I just wake up and not remember

__I guess

I wonder, often

Do I leave my body at night?

I can only imagine

Being dragged to Hell

Pushed down under ground

But I never really ever was

__a religious

____nor spiritual man

Didn't ever believe in that crap before

But I believe in ghosts now

But I don't put 2 and 2 together

__being who I am

And why should I?

So there are ghosts

So what?

Fuck going church

__and having to change my life style

____and turning around

______my whole way of living!

If there was a Hell

I sure the Hell am gonna go to it

__either way

Murdering is an eternal sin

So they say


Who are they?

And why are they right?

If they are right

The world will never know

Oh well

Time to find me another lady to kill

I'm horny for another





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D. L. Cannon

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