taken from my book, "Our Founded Feelings"

All For Nothing


You are my own madness

You are my madness

You will destroy me

And wreck me all to Hell

This is not over

We are not over

You are the garbage

That comes out' my pen

So I will throw you away

A year's worth of flirting

All for nothing

'Cause I found out you're with some one

So I let you go

In search for a ho

But can a ho even replace you?

I sure do not know

You are my "nothing"

My "Holy nothing"


__I'm gonna forget you

And all that you meant to me

You'll stay a loss

And very fucked up

I guess Facebook

__is not a place where a guy can find love

Especially when I'm a boy

Competing with actual men

For any woman who comes along

And takes my heart for a ride

I'm not silly

But I am a dumb-dumb

So unlucky

__when in love

So, "goodbye, Deanna"

I know I said I'd never say that

But that was when I believed your bullshit profile

That told me you were "single"

What was all that bullshit about?


If I think too hard about it

My hair might fall out

And I wouldn't be able to have a mohawk

__half the year 'round

Knowing you're with some one else

Was not helping

So I got rid of your ass

I know you'll never be back

But I could care less

Go ahead and stay with him

All I was to you was bullshit anyway

Days after days

Will drag on and on

And if I find some one

And if I don't

It won't be on Facebook

'Cause social media is a joke

Seems to be a storage facility

With no social interaction, at all

That's all I use it for anyway

Things are never going to change online

'Cause no matter what I say or do on thee internet

It'll never make anybody mine

The real world is where all thee honest women are

But all of them are taken

So I guess I'm fucked and screwed

Until I pay karma all my dues

Which will probably be "never"

Oh well



02-19-'21 #2

D. L. Cannon

Submitted: February 21, 2021

© Copyright 2023 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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