As Angry As Ever

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taken from my book, "So Easy To Think"

Submitted: February 11, 2012

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Submitted: February 11, 2012



As Anger As Ever


Why wait?

Why even think about it?

Who cares?

Who can ever give a care?

A candy in the rubbish

A dog at the door

The more I think of you

The more I'm not gonna score

So watch me drop

I'll be sinking to the bottom

You want my head on the platter

__just like the rest of the world

____don't you?

I know you think about trying

I know you can't get away

From thinking about me dying

What ever happened

To not even tryin'?

Let my heart drop to the floor

The less I want you

The more I know

Understanding's not in question

But I'll ask you anyway

"How does it go?"

You breathe my lies

__that I whisper in your ear

You are not mine

__but say goodbye

You walk away

Away from my mind

You think by calling

__you can make things right

But you know more

__than a buzzard fly

The witches I know

__they keep their secrets

But you're not like them

You don't seem to have

Any idea what I'm talking about

But that's because you also don't care

You don't care to understand

So quietly lay there

__with moist between your legs

You are not mine

But here, you'll stay

And I'll be shutting up fast

As I'm angry

But whoever could've known

Would've known a better way

Would've remembered who you are

And let me on top

Just the way things are

Sell me a kiss

__just to drop my pants

And leave me naked

Just like a bitch

But if I would've known

__that that's who you are

The more that turns into what you are

And be able to pick up the mess

The mess you make

__out of stories in my head

That you won't hear

__once I am dead

And who can get you undressed

__when you pan across the room

____looking for a chair to throw?

It isn't thee end of the world

So you will make it

__thee end of us instead

Ready to pack up and let go

I'll be shutting you up

Even chopping you up with guilt

Not seeing dime

And not eating a slit

But anger turns the page

For these words

I gotta be in rage

Letting the storm grow me darkly

__into a dish of Sloppy Joe

Who gives a shit

__when you're all alone?

I'll get the lead out

When I have time to think

I'll piss the doorman off

When I think he's come too close

__to you

____and takes you away

As I slam on my breaks

__when remembering this night

I'll be a welcoming mat

And I'll shake you off

Drop you off at his house even

Even if it's fair

__to even be there and stare

Being here sucks

Especially when I know

__you're already on his dick in your head

You've been with him before

__I suspect

And if I didn't know any better

I'd swear you gave him head

You pushed his cock in your mouth

I've got you all figured out

You weigh nothing but thee amount

__of how much you cost

Take your kilo

And get the fuck out

You mean more bullshit

Than any woman ever has

So lay off my heart

Don't make me hard

You'll just wind up in a ditch

And smothered in bukkake

You dumb folly in God's creation

Get out of here

Before my mind splits

And makes the dash for it

You'll never let me in

You'll never believe in me again

__you say?

Well, how 'bout layin' an egg?

Do your own version

__of doin' the splits

____and plop one out

______between your legs

Just keep rubbing it in my face

That you're the chicken

__in this situation

And cluck your way

__to a fork in the road

And I'll be going right

And you'll be going left

'Cause you're the one who's wrong

Go play some ping pong

__at a loony bend

You fat hen

I'm tempted to like to watch

As you bite off the stick

__of the paddle

____when you play such a game

So go right ahead

I'll be here in thee end


You'll never know I needed you for keeps

'Cause you don't care to be kept

Care about me not

Now shut up and "fuck off"



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2018 DLCannon. All rights reserved.