As Hard As It Can Be

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taken from my book, "If At All Possible"

Submitted: May 14, 2014

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Submitted: May 14, 2014



As Hard As It Can Be


Really hard to put my brain on a washboard

__and sink my mind out

Thee unforetoldable suggestions

__go hog wild in the night

____as lost interpretations

______clog up and sand off

Away and away

__towards more than this lesser world

____where I can gain no losses anymore

______just as likely as all possible

Smack me

__where my head hurts

____and pull me close

______to what once was my picnic

________but now is not

To where my heart was

__but now is gone

The tortures of my battered brain

__are just the clutters

____of unharmable justice

______and so full of excitement

________that nothing else

__________can ever


______________become of me

Now that I am firmly

__placed upon a ground

Thee ground

The ground I walk n

That ground that you

__walk on too

And when I see my heart

Crack open like a pipe

All will be better off for me

Than baked potatoes on a porch

When I walk off of the plank

__who is gonna reach to me

____and grab my hand

______just to make me slap myself?

I'm not thee obviously lost pebble

__that was thrown into a well

____to be more well off

I'm the same cheese burger


Ever to be picked up

__and tossed out of the window

____of a car

______during a drive-by

It's not my fault

Because, who would let it be?

I'm just about ready to climb up

And kill any one I see

But I'm also about to smack myself silly

Knowing I can't change the world

__or let the world change me

____or just let change

______change itself

________and not have to change

__________at all

___________having the hew definition

_____________of "change"

_______________be it's opposite

But that's not who I am today

That is just

__"what" I am

Now that I have

__nothing to offer

____but an empty snake

______with no more bullets flying

If I ever see myself cracking open

I will fall

__and go "splat!"

But knowing just what's wrong with me

Is never on my agenda anyway

So why even know about it?


__are just gonna have to

____fall from the sky

______and be flushed down the toilet

And if I see myself, dead

Then I see myself, dead

And "dead" will be a whole new word

__to describe me


05-09-'14 #2

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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