As If I Don't Care

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taken from my book, "Position The Thoughts"

Submitted: October 07, 2014

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Submitted: October 07, 2014



As If I Don't Care


Chocolate brain fuzz

__"mar my mind"

In the likes of substitute

I rectify my mind

__like a stunted growth in my pants

It's hardening

It's just not large enough

You would have thought

I'd do better off dead

But look at me now

So not dead

__that people wanna kill me

____right where I stand

The buzzing bees

__that swarm around

____the head of a pig

______now sting me in my sleep

If I had nothing but words

__come out of my mouth, now

____what, then, will be the matter

______with the show going on?

There are no emphasis

__on my tackiness

If I step on a tack

__there goes my Air Jordans

Which is worser than walking

__onto the tack with no shoes on

If I ran around a lake of tears

__cried out by a woman in fear

How am I gonna tell her

__that I ran circles around

____the mark of her sadness?

She is the window to my soul

Thee emptiness in my life

Because I ripped out her heart

To have sex with it

She is not a bother to me

Is that why they are killing me?

The punch line of jibber jabber

Hurts me where my thoughts

__don't seem to think

But I am not the one who blinks


10-04-'14 #3

D. L. Cannon

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