Contemplated Injustice

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taken from my book, "Interstate Freedom"

Submitted: April 08, 2016

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Submitted: April 08, 2016



Contemplated Injustice


The day that you break my heart

Will be the death of me

Warm eyes and flesh so smooth

At least it looks that way to me

Maybe you're the first of my kind I've loved

Or even liked for such a long time

Why we both had to do what we've done

Just to meet, is beyond me, Mai-Lan

But this program serves me good

Oh, doesn't it, you, too?

Trippin' on a path

Where we never could reach

Is the nightmare I live


__you insight

Drowning in a well

__of whatever I might dwell

The seas of my sickness

__brings me Hell


__oh well

I just wanna hang out

Just to spend some time

I don't care if I get used

__for a friend

What friends do I have around me


The danger to my heart

__your rejection is

Can't I be a man

__and try?

No, I can't

I don't have to ask that

It's a little more complicated

__than that

Without your lead

__I lack the confidence I need

And since the ball's in my court

I guess we are over, of course

And I could die here

And you could live there

And it'll never be fair

But with no hair

I've none to pull out

To make me care

I know I used to enjoy the pain

But for some reason it's no longer enjoyable

I value feelin' at ease too much

To treat myself like that

I couldn't do the math

But I know me, by myself

Is singling myself out

And setting myself up for failure

But for you, I just burn

I can't stop thee urge

Maybe I'll just let the feelings kill me

Oh, wait

That's right

I'm already dead

Dead, because without you

__I can't breathe life, into my lungs

Dead, because without you

I'm not alive, at all

And when the cards fall

You won't be here to pick them up

I can feel your distance now

I feel the nothingness that I am to you

Why do I even try?

Could this be life

__and nothing more?

I don't like living anymore

And so I shall stay dead this way

Because without you

That's all that I am

It couldn't be any harder than this

Even if it has before

I thought when I signed up for this program

That I was going to change

Maybe some things can just never stop

__being the same

But like it or not

You've already made up your mind

I may as well shut you out of my mind

But how do I ever do that?

How do I ever?

I just can't get on wih my life

I wish you'd just be honest

And tell me "goodbye"

I may get hurt

But at least I will know

That that is the word


04-04-'16 #4

D. L. Cannon

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