Difference Between Me And The Next Man

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taken from my book, "My Head Is Swarming With Flies"

Submitted: September 20, 2013

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Submitted: September 20, 2013



Difference Between Me And The Next Man


I didn't "used to live"

__I always lived


Not recently to the fullest

Forgotten how I "used to" see the world around me

Like I "used to" be able to do

Now in the clutch of the future

With no flying car yet made still

I find it hard to differentiate

My past form today

Other than I know things

__look dif'rent

In a very negative way

Even in the late prime of my life

Only my girlfriend

Is all that I have that is normal to have

My brain sure isn't normal

My way of how I get paid

Sure isn't normal

My body sure is weird looking

Even my friends are odd

To the rest of the world, at least

I function as the most luckiest fucker out there

To a degree

But I ran out of faith in the returning

__of into my usual self again

So in my head

Voices don't remind me

Of what I cannot see anymore

I closed the door to all evil

I've been called a "dirty freak"

And I cannot accept that truth

I've been called a "failure"

And I know that's true too

I've even in response with my acknowledgement of such

Been pronounced "sad"

__just for admitting it

If you assume, I'd rather have been pronounced "dead"

Who needs friends who say that anyway?

No wreckage of mine

Is going to stain my life though

I won't let any

I know how to let go of things

Even if it's past thee amount of time

That they all give me to let go

__before they let go of me

But, whatever

My "fuck-friends" attitude still stands

And I have ev'ry reason to uphold

That kind of commitment

My thoughts still change

Like the channels on a Tv.

When I happen to know where the remote is

Other times, when not

__I can stay stuck on a detail

One tiny little unnoticeable detail

That any other man would simply over look

But I'm just tryin' to fill the pages

I get no mercy out of being lazy

So what it's "crazy"?



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2018 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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