Ever So Forgetten Importances

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taken from my book, "And Now It's Time For A Lift-Off!"

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013



Ever So Forgotten Importances


Don't remember

What is is that I have to

Won't forget that I love you

__either way

When the brain fog

Captives my very well being

I am swiftly gonna go about my way

I often let the workings

__trap my brain

It's as easy

__as chopping butter

Wittle pieces of my dreams

Swept aside

As I'm away from their essence


The time being

It's the wittle things I forgot of

But it's the biggest


Of me

As thee ever so being of my

__once was


Maybe they aren't such "wittle"

Pieces of me

After all

But thee empty spots on my conscious-

__-mind that held the life of my time

Now not a part of me anymore

Nothing to do

__but continue without


My original self

I hit the hay

__giving up on trying

To bring my life back

To what was normal to

__maybe only me

Can't describe what I've lost

The loss just won't unlose itself

And never can I be found

Ever again?

I only wish not

I only wish not

I only

I alone

I feel so helplessly trapped this way

Whatever happened

Was this really all

__for my own good?

How can even my future

Still be this way?

And why?


01-28-'13 #2

D. L. Cannon

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