For My Final Placement

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taken from my book, "So Easy To Think"

Submitted: March 08, 2012

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Submitted: March 08, 2012



For My Final Placement


I'm gonna leave down town

And it's going to suck

I'm full of words and medicine

All the sounds

__that my simple mind can think

I grew a sour heart

That loves no one

And if the world is right

I will

__be with none

And I'm growing cold

So lost in thee old

And all that there is of life

I have to plan out

But I don't "wanna live alone"

That wasn't my song anyway

I don't wanna downgrade

But I guess that's what I got

Can't live in paradise forever

I think about living in a better place

Some place I would not mind

To live 'til I die

Now I have to settle

To live a life I don't want

And that's just who I am

Stuck in a system

That don't accommodate my needs

Hold on for nothing more

But to stay alive for as long

As I am aloud

bending in a shivering dust

How can I collect my luck?

Waiting in king's House

For an apartment with God knows who

Or could I get myself to settle

For leaving down town

For good?

I'm not knocking on wood

'Cause I broke too many mirrors

I'm still feeling the hits in my head

The blows I took to my brain

And all the laughter

Of never getting my way

And I have to suffer

What a way to have to pay

Like I can never be forgiven

Like I'm doing time

All over again

Maybe I'm just being picky

But don't I have the right

To chose my own home?


03-08-'12 #1

D. L. Cannon

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